Rating: 1

stickmantoo Midwest Property Management

Before renting any property managed by this company I would strongly encourage you to read their reviews on Google. I certainly wish I had. We moved my daughter into one of their properties last fall and it was nearly uninhabitable. After a call to notify the management of the problem they sent cleaners who did a minimal surface wipe down.

Throughout the year when the air conditioning quit, when we discovered black mold and brown recluse spiders the company was unresponsive to maintenance requests.

Following a thorough cleaning when we moved my daughter out the company sent us a letter notifying us that not only would we not get any of our deposit back but that they were assessing additional cleaning charges above and beyond our deposit.

We've rented from a number of companies in Lawrence over the past several years and never experienced anything like this. Look at their Facebook page and you will not find any negative criticism of the company. They immediately delete any negative posts. This is not a reputable company and I would strongly recommend you look elsewhere.