Rating: 1

steffani333 Hurricane Alley Car Wash

I purchased the most expensive ($16) wash hoping to clean all the bird poo off my car. When I pulled into the bay, only 1/2 my car way sprayed. The machine did not finish the job. Then it applied wax on top, of course. There was still at least an entire square inch of poop left on my passenger window!

When I called to complain an older man named Rick or Richard told me that he would run my car through again but I should not expect to have my car sprayed off completely as it was an extra service they did not have to provide. He also told me that I shouldn't mention the price because he knew $16 was more than fair & if I knew somewhere cheaper I should've gone there. Then he demanded to know where the cheaper place was located. He wouldn't let me speak my piece and he was practically yelling. He was also very accusatory. I told him I wouldn't be coming back & that he was rude. I also called him a bad name because I was irate.

I paid for the most expensive wash knowing my car had large spots of poo & wanting to make sure they were cleaned. I expect to receive, at the very least, the service for which I paid. I also expect to be spoken to with the respect I deserve as a paying customer whose patronage helps keep the business open. I, absolutely, did not receive good service or decent respect.

I am sending this from the bay of another car wash. No way am I going back there!!!