Rating: 1

sleepy20520 8 Flavors

all i know is ive eaten here twice and i will never order from them again. first time i got lo mein (delivered) and specifically asked for some soy and duck sauce. my order came and there was no sauce... i just sucked it up and figured oh well people make mistakes and ate my dry noodles which woulda been great with some sauce on them.

2nd time we ordered there, we got general tso's and lo mein ... i specificaly asked for sauce again and even said what hapened last time and could you please make sure we get some in the bag. well the delivery came and i asked the driver if there was sauce in there he just said " sorry." i called the store and the guy who answered was the same guy who took my order. he just acted like he was "sorry" but didnt want to do anything about it. I said can you please bring some? i didnt want to endure another meal of dry noodles... he said he would. 30 min later i got some sauces.... to be fair they did bring the sauces back but what chinese place doesnt put sauce in the bag with your order??? i thought this was standard and not something i have to beg for. regardless, i dont want to deal with the hassle again... so ill be using King Buffett or peking or whoever else. oh and another thing, the general tsos is nasty!!!!