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Rating: 5

Eric Gruber American Family Insurance - Garvin Daniel

I've had nothing but good experiences with Garvin and his staff. They were patient, courteous, and of all the companies we were looking at a year ago when we bought our home, American Family had everyone beat on prices, too.

(Note: The picture above is outdated. The offices are now on West 6th Street just west of Hy-Vee.)

Jessica Schilling replies...

Thanks for the note about the photo. It's been updated.

Rating: 4

Eric Gruber Mirth Café

Mirth is a great little shop.

I love that it has huge, open windows that face east. That view is an incredible way to watch the sun come up while enjoying coffee and a muffin (but then put the shades down when the sunlight becomes blinding).

Mirth has a good-sized menu, lots of seating space, free Wifi and a comfortable atmosphere. And today, I was blown away because the waitress remembered my name after two visits a week apart. Awesome.