Rating: 5

rockyaolson Garry Gribble's Running Sports

I have lived in several states and shopped in many, many more. Gribble's is one of the best running stores in the country. The selection of shoes, clothes and gear is rare in a store this size. Gribble's also sells an array of fun running memorabilia such as stickers and books. What really makes Gribble's stand out is the stuff. I'm more of a Clydesdale runner than a gazelle, but I have always felt welcome at Gribble's. The staff, which tends to fall into the speedy category, cheerfully take the time to talk to me about my needs as a recreational runner. Some running stores are intimidating, but Gribble's manages to serve the amazing runners as well as the average joes like me. I love this place. Can't be beat.