Rating: 4

portstorm None

I'm so glad that Sammi and his wife opened up this curry stand/mini store. It's great to not only be able to buy a pack of gum, chips, or a snack downtown but to also grab some delicious take away curry.

The food offerings are simple (typically Chicken Curry or Vegetable Curry) along with Nan, Samosas, and a lovely rice. There are also soda, Cha, and Mango smoothies. But the few items on the menu are all without exception excellent. Sammi and his wife have been cooking and selling their curry at their gas station (now sold) for years and it's always been excellent.

He and his wife are wonderfully personable, they always look at the name on your credit card, call you by your first name, and remember you when you come back. Consummate professional small business owners. It's hard not to leave with a smile after they chat you up while you pay.

There are (currently) no tables or chairs in Curry in a Hurry (which I hope they change sometime) but you can always walk around the corner to the tables at South Park.

When I was in there last week with coworkers the place was busy with employees from the Courthouse and other local businesses all grabbing curry to take back to their offices. When we went around the corner to South Park there were no less than 3 picnic tables full of people with Curry in a Hurry. On a beautiful spring day it can't be beat.

I'd highly recommend it for anyone who wants very good Indian food in a hurry. I think it's a great offering that I hope they expand to add dishes and a few tables inside (for rainy days).