Rating: 5

peach_plum_pear Blue Collar Press

Probably the most affordable place in town for screen printing. I've had them print on t's and bags with great results! They print a lot of "lawrence favorite" t shirts, like Sunflower Bike Shop.

Rating: 1

peach_plum_pear The Tan Company

This place has nice tanning beds, but their business practices are totally unprofessional. I went there to use a gift certificate, and the manager rang up my order wrong. After my card had been swiped, she claimed that she couldn't void the transaction or issue a refund to my account, which would solve the problem in seconds. Instead, I was told to wait for a refund check. When it arrived two weeks later, it was for the wrong amount. I tried to contact the owner, but discovered that he is never in the store and doesn't give his employees the authority to issue refunds. Finally, I convinced the manager to give me a cash refund. I cancelled my account, went out of town, and when I returned I found that there was a mysterious second charge from the Tan Company on my credit card, which I am still in the process of disputing. I wish I had just thrown the gift certificate away! Not worth the headache.