Rating: 1

pcovey024 Dale Willey Automotive

I've taken my Saturn SUV to Dale Wiley Auto in Lawrence on two different occasions. Both times, I felt like they tried to rip me off. The first time I had to get my car tuned & oil changed. They tried to tell me I need new tires & wiper blades, when my tires were only 6 months old and the wiper blades were less than a month old. The 2nd time, the air conditioner was broken. They charged me $90.00 just to find out what was wrong. Then they said it would cost $1400.00 to replace the condenser and compressor in the air conditioner. Because of my previous dealings with them, I went to another shop. The 2nd shop said there was nothing wrong with the either. There was just a hose that needed to be replaced. So it only cost me $400.00 instead of $1400.00, and it still works just fine. In my eyes, Dave Wiley Automotive people are not honest, but are just rip off artists, especially in their repair shop. I will never go back there, I will never buy a car from them in the future, and I will warn all of my family & friends to stay away from there. If you're smart, you will stay away from there as well.