Chuck Wehner


Rating: 4

Chuck Wehner Hurricane Alley Car Wash

I just can't believe all of these bad reviews, I have never had a bad experience going there and found the employees to be very considerate and helpful. One time I thought I lost my glasses there and the guy working there went out of his way to check the office to see if someone had turned them in. Also there are signs telling you to put your car in neutral as well as signs telling you not to put your foot on the brake and to also do other things depending on what kind of vehicle your have. The employees are yelling at you because from where they are standing it is very noisy and they want you to be able to hear them, use some common sense people!

Rating: 4

Chuck Wehner Tres Mexicanos Mexican Grill & Cantina

I think this is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Lawrence. Their food is very good, the price is very reasonable and they have a lunch specials during the week. They also have various drink specials during the week.