Ashley Woodward


Rating: 5

Ashley Woodward El Potro Mexican Cafe

This is THE BEST Mexican food I've had in the region. Without question! Amazing salsa, free queso when you dine in! The food is always fresh and hot. Not to mention the excellent quality of food they use. This is 100x better than El Mezcal. I use to go there all the time, but have not even been once since El Potro opened. I will not eat anywhere else for Mexican food in Lawrence. And for the sour puss that had his food spilled on him, accidents happen. For you to base your entire opinion on one visit says a lot about you. I challenge you to try again. And the fact is, you said NOTHING about the quality of food. You just complained the entire post about a server, that could have very well had a bad day, was new, or just wasn't meant to be a server. And to think you deserved the entire meal free is ridiculous. They are a business that has to make money - they comp'd your meal, be thankful for that and GET OVER IT! I urge EVERYONE that wants quality Mexican food to try it. You won't be disappointed!