Rating: 2

monkeywrencher Bryant Collision Repair

Bryant Collision Repair did a quality repair on my car eventually... Overall I'm happy with the work that Bryant did on my vehicle however the process of getting to the end product was a nightmare. The staff at Bryant gave numerous estimates on when the work on my car would be complete and not a single one of them were correct. When I first brought my car in I was told 2 weeks tops, and then it ended up taking over a month to get my car back. Not once throughout this process did Bryant take any responsibility for any of these delays but rather blamed a multitude of other people such as the insurance adjuster and parts suppliers. This was despite the fact that my insurance adjuster provided a first and second estimate less than 24 hrs after when Bryant requested it. When I finally did pick my car up I found that the repairs were not in fact completed and that my car was not safe to drive with problems such as no headlights and turn signals among other problems. Finally two days after bringing my vehicle back a second time everything was fixed, and once it was fixed correctly the quality of the repairs was high. Oh and to top it off they charged me more than what I was originally told my deductible would be. Despite good quality work after much delay and headache I would never use Bryant again.

bryantcollisionrepair replies...

We are sorry you were unhappy with process of getting your vehicle repaired. As we explained in the beginning it would take two weeks after approval from insurance and parts were received. Our timeline of events are as follows:

3-8-12 Day of loss

3-9-12 Car was towed to our shop

3-12-12 Insurance was here and wrote estimate

3-13-12 Original estimate faxed to us and we began the teardown

3-14-12 Found substantial supplemental damage. Wrote supplement and faxed to insurance. Original estimate $4156.11 additional damage not recorded on original estimate $2685.77. The insurance company does not want repairs or parts ordered without approval first. Incase it becomes a total loss.

3-20-12 Supplemental estimate was faxed to us at which point parts were ordered.

3-26-12 Parts showed up and repairs began.

4-3-12 Car was completed and customer picked up. Customer returned vehicle and told us one of the headlamps was not working and the steering wheel was off center. The repairs were completed by 4:00 pm that day and customer was called.He explained he would not be able to pick up but would the next morning on 4-4-12.

4-5-12 Customer picked up his car.

As for the additional charges of $29.89 we explained that was for the betterment of the new tire that the insurance did not pay for.
We went ahead and let customer take vehicle without insurance paying additional supplement and as of today 4-16-12 still have not received payment.

We would encourage you to please stop by and we would love to visit with you about this as we have all the documentation to support our claim.

Mike Bryant