Rating: 5

mksjohnson Basil Leaf Cafe

Keep your head up Basil Leaf you can't please everyone everytime. I have personally eaten at your establishment more times than I can count on my hands and have enjoyed every dish I have had, and the one time I did get food that wasnt up to previous experiences I have to admit it was still better than what you get at most other places in town. Having worked in the bizz myself for many years I understand your time and space constraints with your current location and am sure you do more than your best to keep up the pace and still produce quality products each and every time. I feel you do an outstanding job, ( even when the chef is a bit cranky) and I am a life long customer. I ate there on St. Patricks day with my wife and LOVED the special with the corn beef and cabbage with sweet pea sauce and potatoes. I dont even like corn beef or cabbage but you changed my mind, and the other dishes I loved were your tender flavor packed beef tips, warm red cabbage salad (unique and tasty) and of course my stand by go to the Tortellinin cordon blue. So be proud of what you are doing and keep up the good work and good things will come for you guys, I respect and appreciate what your doing, your two bad reviews must just be bad luck have a good day. When does the new menu come out and when can I get a copy?? BRING BACK BREAKFAST LASAGNA ALSO :)

walterbradley replies...

Thank your so much for your kind words, review and encouragement. You are right we cant please everyone all the time but we certainly take all comments and feedback to heart so we can improve and be better over time. New menu arrives Tuesday next week and I will have copies for preview by the weekend they are at the printers, No breakfast lasagna for now but look for it on lunch special in the coming weeks. We certainly appreciate your business as we do the repeat business from the thousands of people we have had the pleasure of serving and deeply apologize to any visitors who had a sub-par experience. Our goal is to do better and be better and with time and patience we will achieve it. Thanks for your review and all the reviews we receive good and bad for they help us see where we may be wrong or need to improve and become better. Have a great day and should you or any other customers wish to speak with me directly my email is
Sincerely Chef/Owner. Brad Walters