Rating: 5

minnikin Z's Divine Espresso

Always such great drive-thru service! I go here when I need my fix and am on my way outta town! Always such sweet faces at the window! So glad that even when I am not on Mass I can still get my favorite drinks in town. I also like that this shop is so big and open! There is so much seating inside and I can go in a large group. The manager is so kind and always laughing. Such a positive place to get your day started! Thanks Z's you rock.

Rating: 5

minnikin Z's Divine Downtown Espresso

I have been going to both locations for quite some time. I have NEVER had bad service at either store. Both have fun and friendly employees that I enjoy talking to and even though the insides of the stores are different it is the same great atmosphere. Not loud or obnoxious, no annoying phone calls or loud crazy music, in fact most of the customers and staff seem to be like a small family. They almost always remember my drink by my face and if I ever want coffee at home, they graciously help me to understand all the different beans. The downtown is looking so good with all the updates, kudos to the new owner! Every time I have a friend come to town or I am out and want to grab some coffee, Z's has been and will continue to be my number one spot!