Rating: 5

jnat Century School, Inc.

I couldn't disagree more with the other review. My child also attended Century School for 3 years until we moved to the Washington, DC, area. He attends Montgomery County Public Schools, which year in and year out are ranked among the best in the nation. Since we arrived my child has been well ahead of his peers. My wife and I attribute this to the extraordinary education he received at Century School. The teachers at Century apply the educational methodology expertly. Contrary to the other review, we routinely were appraised of how our child was progressing and were provided copies of his assessments. Based on these assessments, Century tailored the instruction to his needs so that he could progress and grow at the pace that made sense for him. We have many friends whose children attend or attended Century. They unanimously praise it, which is why we enrolled our child there in the first place. Now we provide the same recommendation to the friends we still have in Lawrence. While I can certainly empathize with the other commenter, I completely disagree with that assessment of this wonderful school and their first class staff.