Jonathan Kealing


Rating: 5

Jonathan Kealing Owens Flower Shop

I love Owens Flower Shop. They always deliver the most beautiful flower arrangements to my wife, usually taking some vague notion I have and turning it into something that's both attractive and stunning, plus meaningful. One time recently, I inadvertently ordered flowers from a different flower shop. I paid the same amount I always do at Owens and was unbelievably disappointed by what I got. When I realized that I'd ordered from the wrong flower shop, it made sense. I recommend Owens to anyone who's looking to order flowers in Lawrence.

Rating: 5

Jonathan Kealing Basil Leaf Cafe

Hands down, the best local Italian restaurant. The atmosphere is what you'd expect for being in a gas station, but the food is unbelievably good. I'm cheering for these guys to break out into their own location and keep up the excellent service and good food. Huge portions are a plus.

Rating: 4

Jonathan Kealing Dempsey's Burger Pub

I didn't love my burger, but intend to go back and try another. My fries, on the other hand, were awesome. I think their fries are the best in town.