Phil Bennett


Rating: 1

Phil Bennett Applecroft Apartments

Absolutely horrible experience overall. While it was one of the cheapest all-inclusive apartment options in Lawrence, Applecroft Apartments are a complete disaster. Bugs are constantly a problem, the apartments smell of marijuana, and the air is on a boiler system (which means you don't have a lot of control of the heating/cooling). On top of all of that, the management (First Management, Inc.) is terrible at communicating with the residents of Applecroft. I was never told any details about move-out policies, and then was charged an excessive amount of fees that I didn't know even existed (ex. didn't know the carpet had to be "professionally" cleaned, when it wasn't cleaned at all when I moved in, and I had to take a Rug Doctor to it TWICE to make it livable). It constantly felt like Applecroft was the ugly, step-child of Chase Court Apartments, and they never paid any attention to Applecroft's needs. I would NOT recommend this apartment complex to anyone.