Rating: 1

inipals Body Boutique

The facility is alright, but they really go to a distance to make sure they get the most money from you, and there is nothing you could do to stop them.

First of all, to join the gym, you have to sign a year contract. Yes, they will tell you what sweet deals that they have in store for you. But always ask the details. Because those fine prints are the ones that will get you later on (and they are quite ridiculous, so make sure you know them all).

The building is small, they only have a set of weight machines, and few cardio machines upstairs. The classes are in the middle of everything, and open. So if you like doing your exercise in peace, do not go here because it can get really noisy with the music and the class instructors' yells. The ambiance is quite dark, which I don't really like (sometimes the lights above the cardio machines are not working, which made it even more darker and annoying). Some of the staffs are very nice, but most of them are quite rude and snobs.

The childcare system gives me a mix feelings. The idea is quite nice, but the practice is not. I don't know exactly if they clean the toys regularly, but everytime I put my tot in there, she always got a bad cold. Always. To the point that I hesitated in putting her back in there. 7 days of bad cold, one day of not having any cold, back in the daycare, the next day the sniffles are back, then the thick green mucus. And so on. I have to admit that some of the childcare staffs are really, really friendly and helpful. There are a couple of them though, that looked like they hate kids and dragging their legs to work. Maybe they hate the job, maybe it is a hard job(the childcare room could be filled with 30 kids at one time ranging from infant to 12 yo with only 3 staffs).

Important thing to know, your agreement says how many time (months) you have to pay, and there is an AUTO-RENEWAL with your agreement (to stop this and quit, you have to write a letter to them and send it with a certified mail). And there is also the 90-days notification. So know when you want to quit, otherwise you will be forced to pay 3 months worth of membership. And that 90-days rule also apply to other add-on services like childcare, even if is NOT WRITTEN in my contract (what, they need to clean the room first like an apartment or find a good candidate to replace your kid like a job, that they need 90 days notification? Or simply a way to get more money from you).

P.S. Apparently I have about 5 college friends who got burnt by their ridiculously ripping contracts. They were still in their early 20s (not even 23). Please, not everyone has 50 years experiences dealing with sharks. So I guess Body Boutique also serves as a learning tool for kids who barely left the safety of their homes and their sheltering parents, and who barely made any money. Be proud, Body Boutique.

P.S.S. And those nice bubly ladies in front desk who show you their whole sets of their teeth when you were about to join the gym? They turned into rude rigid beyotches when you ask them anything about stopping membership.

Emily Campbell replies...

I agree with a lot of this, except I don't have children. It is a smaller gym, kind of dark, and loud with large classes. I don't think it deserves one star, but it is a different gym. Agree 110% though with the contract HORRIBLE!! That is the only reason I left the gym, I can't even being with out getting red in the face. Horrible, horrible contract!

Kimberly Grosse replies...

Wow! I'm glad I read this- I'm going to be stuck with the auto-renewal and no one told me about having to write a letter and send it certified mail. I just know within a certain month that I have to contact an agency to stop the auto-renewal that the BB staff pushed upon me. Thanks for your review inipals!