Rating: 5

hdrider Jonathan C Becker, Attorney

I don't know why this person had a bad experience with him. The phrase "insinutated that I don't have enough money to pay his fees" probably means "I don't want to pay for legal services." I have been a client of his for years, and have never had anything but excellent service and great results. Unlike a lot of lawyers, he doesn't blow smoke up your rear end. Apparently, this person didn't get the answer he/she wanted, and blamed the messenger. Mr. Becker has sometimes had to tell me that the chances of getting what I wanted weren't good, and I would be wasting my money if I pursued it. I appreciate that kind of honesty, as opposed to somebody who will tell me what I want to hear long enough for me to write them a check, and then develop amnesia. BTW I only gave him 5 stars, but that's because the system wouldn't let me give him any more.