Rating: 5

greenhouse McLaughlin Roofing

Fast, Professional, and Most Affordable in Lawrence. I've had McLaughlin Roofing out for two roofs now and I couldn't be more impressed. The price (for the exact same shingles) was better than any of the other legitimate roofers here in town. These guys are fully insured and meet all codes and requirements for license and this is a Big Deal. Since Lawrence as I just found out does not currently require licensing for roofers some of the smaller operations out there don't have to meet any specific code and don't have to carry insurance--which is a huge risk for us homeowners. But most importantly--the roof looks great! I've talked to several other people who have used McLaughlin and everyone has had only positive things to say. They got to this roof super quick, knocked it out fast, and cleaned up so well that you would never ever know they had been there...Thanks Dave and everyone at McLaughlin! Feel free to send me a message and I'm happy to give you a more specific reference or let you come take a look at the roof...