Rating: 3

foxli SconeLady's Coffee Shop

The coffee ice cubes for iced coffee are a great idea! I really like to order my coffee iced here in the summer. I stopped in today (way colder weather) to try it hot--not so good. There was an odd almost fishy smell coming from the brew--I even poured it into a different cup in case it was the plastic lid. No, it was the coffee. The taste was okay, but the smell is really off-putting and kind of disappointing. Dirty carafe? Don't know, but probably not going back until the weather heats up again.

Not a scone person, but I tried a blueberry muffin (the only muffin they had). Nothing exceptional, but not nasty or anything. It was almost like Jiffy muffin mix.

Lukas Warden replies...

Quite the taste buds you have there. We bake all of our stuff from scratch. No mixes. As for the coffee the carafes they are cleaned every day. Must have been an off day for your tongue. I can assure anyone our coffee has never tasted like fish. I taste the coffee daily and would never serve coffee that even resembles a fish flavor.