Rating: 1

edgla Jiffy Lube

Bait and Switched

I received a coupon for $18 off and went into the shop for an oil change a week after getting the coupon in the mail. (I have gone to this location in the past, used coupons and had no issues.) Once Eugene calls me up to do the usual review of the air filter, battery he tells me they have new pricing and can only take $10 off and that my coupon is 'old'. The expiration date is 2 months in the future to which he says "I know, but the coupon is old. Best I can do is $10 off." I tell him $18 off is what I expected to get. He says okay, no problem, sir. I do not get the rest of the spiel about air filter, battery power, lights or tire pressure. Some how that fact that I expected to use the coupon that they sent really ticked him off so he decided to basically give me the silent treatment. After paying and telling him to have a nice day, he had no response. Strange that a grown man would be so butt hurt about using a coupon... My hope at this point is that he did nothing to intentionally harm my vehicle out of some strange bit of spite he seemed to have...

I will not be returning as this shady tactic of sending out coupons and then claiming they are old greatly outweighs the convenience of the longer hours. I will just make time to take my cars to Jake's or anywhere else.

Rating: 5

edgla Jake's Auto Care and Automotive Repair

No better place to take your car. Jake has frequently to put in extra hours to get my car fixed on time or early even though I didn't ask him to. He understands how important your car is and will take time to explain anything you ask.