Rating: 3

drbloom Natural Stone Imports

this office has been closed since at least 2012

Rating: 5

drbloom Family Medicine Associate, PA

service has been wonderful. i have gotten to know employees and owners. nice when front desk knows you by name! hello to you too, Aleshia! There are ways to call after hours but i normally can do walk-in without much of a wait. nice service provided here and you won't have to worry if you are billed fairly.

Rating: 5

drbloom Overfield Corporation

Nic and Scott run a good monitoring service. we have fire system run thru them yet i know others have video surveillance. residential customers could even benefit. i feel personally served every time i am in touch with them.

Rating: 3

drbloom Henry T's Bar & Grill

I multiple times left because of literally no one coming to wait on me. Ridiculous you can have a kid and in 10 minutes no one thinks I may want a highchair! The waitress staff literally makes me disgusted with how bad they are.

The food on other hand is quite good and reasonable cost. The wings are great - specifically the Siracha honey!

Rating: 5

drbloom 23rd Street Brewery

Triva night and big tables. Nice menu of good eats. The wings over mac is great! the food is from sysco but made well. Get chips with the dip as an app. I have had an order lost and once burned pizza. The staff worked to make it right. They are open late and if I were into beer they make several that my friends like. Id like to. Save via coupon or with smaller plate and the tv are pretty random so that half the table basically. Have bad viewing angle. Nice to see a manager replying on lawrence marketplace. Shows good management. I would say this is one of my favorite places in west Lawrence!

Rating: 4

drbloom Wayne & Larry's Sports Bar & Grill

Wayne & Larry is a decent place to munch. The taco salad bowl is just ingredients piled up but with a little extra salsa or sour cream - pretty good.

Firecracker pasta is chicken and cheesy with jalepenos in a large serving. Burgers are made from the same beef you get at so many places in town that use Sysco.

I think for Lawrence, you get a place with tvs, trivia night, and they offer a lot of coupons in publications around town. Bring a buy 1 get 1 and you get a good deal.

I think a kids menu or healthy french fries or steamed veggies would help bring kids from the alley to the restaurant.

Rating: 5

drbloom Wicked Broadband

Got to love old Lawrence Freenet. Josh Montgomery is not only a veteran, but a seriously motivated smart dude. We got service beyond what I'd even reasonably ask for, and he still thinks of how he can even make my low cost internet even faster. People suck a ton of internet down anymore, but after switching over, I have had quite reliable internet at 6-20 times the speed I used to pay for average DSL internet.

Joshua Montgomery replies...

Thanks for the kind words. I just want to clarify that I am a reservist with the Air Guard and not a veteran. I've got nothing but respect and appreciation for those that have made the sacrifices necessary to serve in the AO.

Rating: 5

drbloom Roark & Associates P.A.

Julie helps my business, and has been very responsible and understanding when I don't keep the best records. She gets the job done and I trust that I'm going the most cost efficient route with Uncle Sam!

Rating: 5

drbloom Blue Dandelion

Cute boutique on Mass street. After years of visiting, we finally had a baby and thus a reason to shop here. We can all get things online, or custom printed, or through a big box company. There is something nice about finding something cute for the baby here and checking out. I often try to get best prices, and hate shopping, so to say I don't mind spending some time here shows its a friendly place.

Rating: 5

drbloom Jiffy Lube

This store is near Dillions on 23rd street. Make it just up the road to 24th and Iowa location (near Firestone). Gene is the friendliest manager around, and he goes out of his way to make sure you get coupons applied to checkout if you ask for the best deal he can offer. They haven't let me down as far as service provided, just make sure you can pay and you won't have the drama kaw7987 had.