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cubs23 Home Sweet Home Dog Resort

When dropping my dog off I asked the staff to please not let him outside for long periods of time, as he has a tendency to eat everything in sight, which makes him sick. I told them it was fine to just let him stay in his "room", as I knew it would be too much to ask of them to watch him the whole time. They obviously disregarded what I said, and my dog spent a great deal of time outside. He is now going on day 5 of being sick. I will not use this place again. Aside from not respecting our wishes, the place was filthy and smelled terrible. I realize it's a dog boarding place, so it's not going to be spotless, but I've boarded my dog at several other places and never seen a facility quite so disgusting.

arrowhead_pride83 replies...

We toured the place before we left our dog there and things seemed fine. If you thought it was so bad why did you leave your dog with them?

familyman22 replies...

If you felt the place was so disgusting why would you leave your dog there? When we came in for our introduction the staff did a great job of explaining all the cleaning methods and the day to day schedule for the dogs. I have boarded my 2 dogs a lot over the years and have never felt so comfortable leaving my dogs somewhere. We always see the same faces working there and they know our dogs almost as good as we do. My dogs eat rocks and grass and sometimes even poop and we know it's a problem and understand that it isn't always stopable. The staff always keep us well informed and are always willing to answer our questions.