Rating: 1

connorryan32 Meineke Car Care Center

Now that I'm reading these reviews, the way that they treated me makes sense. I got coupons in the mail from these asshats so I thought I'd try them out. First of all, the coupons weren't even coupons. They were the prices they always offer. Being scammed by an auto place before you even bring your car in is a bad sign. Secondly, the place was filthy. Not auto garage filthy, but truck stop restroom filthy. A garage should smell like oil and gasoline. This place smelled like a porter potty. Lastly, the employees were extremely rude. They weren't interested in my business. People say this kind of thing all the time, but they literally turned me away. I came in at 5:30 to get my oil changed. They close at 6:00. They told me it was too late. "We're closing things down man. We close at six, BRO." Eloquently put guys. It's always fun to be sarcastically yelled at by someone without a high school diploma. Fun times.