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chiefs52 Eck Real Estate Service, Inc.

These comments are great. The only positive review is clearly written by Mr. Eck. They know their management company is a scam on college students. They know they can get away with robbing kids of their security deposits and when they asked for them back they are told to take legal action. They know no college students have the time or money to fight them over $300. This happened to my roommates and I. They robbed us and lied to us. We did fight them however and got them to agree to pay us an extra $100. However we were not shocked when the money never came 11 months later. When we tried again to get that money they made us deal with their lawyer and threatened multiple times to call the Lawrence police. Ernie Eck has little man syndrome. He talks tough to a bunch of college students but just completely avoids contact with their parents.Im glad were not the only ones who thought this was a joke, I will say the lady, Pat, who works there is nice but she has no authority over that clown Ernie. We told you we would let people know how you did business Little Ernie. Suck it

nova1 replies...

Hey Cheifs52,
I am also a previous tenant of Eck real-Estate. They are suing us for not paying their overly exaggerated prices and made up claims. I am wondering if you have the time to submit a written testimony to me about your experience as that would greatly help our case and make sure Eck doesn't mess around with poor college kids anymore. Let me know if you desire to input in anyway. Best regards