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chibbit Factory Direct Appliance

I had a new washer and dryer delivered and upon delivery the washer was BROKEN. I called to see if they could replace it or give me my money back and all they did was direct me to the manufacturer, very unapologetically, even though I was delivered a BROKEN washing machine. I will never use them again and would ask everyone to be very weary of buying appliances from them.

glaplante replies...

I am very sorry about your experience you had on your washer and dryer. Customer service is our top priority, please let me know who you talked to so we can address this issue.
All manufacturers would like one opportunity to repair your appliance before it is exchanged. Most of the time it is a simple fix but if is something major we would be very happy to replace it. Please give me a call at the store so we can discuss your washer and make sure it is repaired to your satisfaction. We do appreciate your business and hopefully we can earn it back. Once again I am very sorry.
Greg LaPlante