Rating: 5

ccigars Bambino's Italian Restaurant

It seems like a few reviewers haven't visited the new Bambino's location at Billings & Wakarusa. They have really done a great job with the remodel. Great staff and the new menu has a lot of good additions. In particular, the traditional pizzas are one of a kind, nothing else like them in town. If you enjoy a more Neapolitan take on pizza, it is more than worth your time to give one a try. I've had a few of the Margheritas and was very pleased. (Generally I'm a Chicago style guy, but I might be converting. This was a tremendous boost to the menu.)

One thing about Italian food, especially for those of us lucky enough to live with a good cook, is that it tends to be something that can be made fairly well and fairly cheap in the comfort of one's own home. There is, however, one big consideration: the sauce. Bambino's does a tremendous job on the sauces. For me, the Arrabbiata is the winner. A great combination of flavor and spice that comes just short of inducing a full sweat. If you like heat, this is another dish to try.

The drink selection is also to be complimented. Make sure to try a Hurricane. Right now, they might hold the title in Lawrence for that cocktail. All in all, there's great food, great atmosphere and great people. Even if you've been to the old location, there are a host of reasons to try the new and improved Bambino's.