Rating: 3

cbohnstedt Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar

Although I usually enjoy going, I feel like there's definitely inconsistent quality of the food. Sometimes I go and the wings are great, other times I go and they're cold and hardly sauced. It's pretty hit or miss, and the last couple of times I've gone have been more miss than hit. Unless I'm craving wings, I generally avoid BWW just because I don't want to pay $20 for dry, tasteless wings that are the size of my thumb. I know the new ordering system for wings is supposed to remedy that, but the past three times I've gone and ordered under the new system, the quality has been even worse.

Rating: 3

cbohnstedt El Mezcal

The service is always fast and the food is consistent. I was a frequent diner when I first came to Lawrence, but that was before I saw the article about health violations. The other two El Mezcal locations had the two highest amounts for health violations! Although I know that's part of the risk in going out to eat and no restaurant is immune to violations, it definitely makes me wonder if there are still 70-something violations. I haven't returned since then, although I enjoyed the food before, it makes me a little uneasy now.