Rating: 5

cbohnstedt Pet World

It's a little bit more expensive than what you can find at big-name pet stores, but most of the staff is very knowledgeable and they have a large selection of items for every kind of pet. The staff is friendly, the store is well-organized, and that's worth the extra money.

Rating: 5

cbohnstedt Wheat State Pizza

Two words: wheat crust. AMAZING. I make the drive across town just to have Wheat State because it's the only pizza that is delicious from the first bite to the last. The ingredients they use on the pizzas are amazing, and the crust is so soft and flavorful. And it reheats pretty well if your eyes end up being bigger than your stomach (which usually happens for me). Definitely the best pizza in Lawrence!

Rating: 5

cbohnstedt Sylas & Maddy's Home Made Ice Cream

AMAZING ice cream. Well worth the price, and you can always try a free sample if you're not sure about a flavor. Even in the dead of winter I want this ice cream!

Rating: 3

cbohnstedt Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar

Although I usually enjoy going, I feel like there's definitely inconsistent quality of the food. Sometimes I go and the wings are great, other times I go and they're cold and hardly sauced. It's pretty hit or miss, and the last couple of times I've gone have been more miss than hit. Unless I'm craving wings, I generally avoid BWW just because I don't want to pay $20 for dry, tasteless wings that are the size of my thumb. I know the new ordering system for wings is supposed to remedy that, but the past three times I've gone and ordered under the new system, the quality has been even worse.

Rating: 4

cbohnstedt Pita Pit

It's not fine dining, but if you're looking for something quick and relatively cheap, Pita Pit is a good stop. Sometimes the veggies are a little less fresh than I'd like, but it's never been sub-par quality.

Rating: 4

cbohnstedt Mad Greek Restaurant

The food is great, it's definitely my favorite place for a gyro! It's nice that there's some Italian and American food on the menu too, in case you have a picky eater in the party. The hummus is delicious, I just wish it came with more pita. It's such a large dish of hummus, you'd have to pay the extra couple bucks for extra pita so you can finish the hummus. The only complaint I have about Mad Greek is the price. Appetizers are $6+ and are really small, and I think overpriced. I'm willing to pay for the entrees, but a la carte items and appetizers are a little steep.

Rating: 1

cbohnstedt La Parrilla

My boyfriend and I went out one evening for dinner and we both ordered the chimichanga. Mine tasted pretty good, the tortilla was crisp and the serving was pretty decent. As I was eating my food, I realized my boyfriend was making a face at his plate. He told me that his tasted weird, and I dismissed it because we got the same thing and mine was just fine. After a few minutes of him not touching his food, I tried a bite. HUGE MISTAKE. I've never eaten poop, but I'm fairly confident that if someone were to roll up some poop into a fried tortilla, it would taste like that chimichanga. I had to spit the food out and run to the bathroom to vomit it was so horrible. To this day I don't know how my boyfriend didn't get sick from eating it. The waiter was very accommodating and offered to get a new chimichanga, but the disgusting taste was still there and both of our appetites were ruined. I'm not sure if it was a sanitation issue or something else, but it was absolutely revolting. I don't even like to think about what could've happened to make the beef taste THAT bad. I'm sure if we went back we wouldn't have such a bad experience, but I'd rather go somewhere else and not take my chances.

Rating: 3

cbohnstedt El Mezcal

The service is always fast and the food is consistent. I was a frequent diner when I first came to Lawrence, but that was before I saw the article about health violations. The other two El Mezcal locations had the two highest amounts for health violations! Although I know that's part of the risk in going out to eat and no restaurant is immune to violations, it definitely makes me wonder if there are still 70-something violations. I haven't returned since then, although I enjoyed the food before, it makes me a little uneasy now.

Rating: 5

cbohnstedt Basil Leaf Cafe

When I moved to Lawrence, I was distraught that I was giving up my beloved Olive Garden.... And then a coworker recommended Basil Leaf, and I really don't remember why I liked Olive Garden in the first place. The food is absolutely perfect and the portions usually last me two or three days! I've tried everything on the takeout menu and I really couldn't pick a favorite; they're all so delicious! I'm glad to see that Basil Leaf is thriving, because it's really the BEST Italian food I've ever had!

Rating: 5

cbohnstedt El Potro Mexican Cafe

The food is delectable, the prices are very reasonable, and the free queso will have you coming back for more every time. I've eaten here more times than I can count and the experience has always been awesome. I can never finish the whole plate, but it's so delicious that I don't want to stop eating! I'm convinced that the only thing that could ever ruin my experience at El Potro would be if the surly "one-star" were to dine near me and endlessly gripe about an accident. Don't let their review discourage you! The food AND the service are both incredible.

Rating: 5

cbohnstedt Adorable Animal Designs

Amazing! Customer service is always incredible and they always do their best to get your pet in for a groom. My dog always leaves with an amazing cut, smells good and is very soft. They are also very kind to the pets they work with. My dog is very anxious around people and gets nervous very easily, but he's always excited by the staff and never once have I picked him up scared. I know he gets taken care of always at Adorable Animal Designs!