Rating: 1

bubinhead Midwest Property Management

Story similar to the first reviewer. This was pretty much the worst rental experience of my life. I should have known something was up from the extremely unprofessional staff and when they asked for a deposit equal to the first month's rent. The apartment was not cleaned on move-in day. In fact, it was absolutely atrocious: crap all of over the floors, walls, and ceilings. We had no choice but to wait for it to be cleaned (seriously, it must have been vacant because the previous leasers died of filth). After two days at the hotel, we move in to find that the updatis was never cleaned. MPM says they'll clean it but never do. Next, we find this fungus in the garage. MPM refuses to do anything. We called the county, who forced them into action. MPM comes cuts it out of the ceiling and walls, but doesn't fix the leak that caused it. The drywall and paint they brought presumably to patch the hole they made were still there the day we moved out. There was also roughly a quarter inch of daylight that showed under all the windows on the top floor. The windows were horribly out of square and didn't close all the way. This made our heating and cooling bill pretty high even with t-shits and towels stuffed around them. MPM was informed of the problem several times, but again, they never did anything. Which is a good segue into the next topic: their maintenance sucks. Don't even both contacting them, they won't come; you're better off doing what ever needs done yourself.

Do not rent from these people.