Rating: 5

bmoody51 Katzer Door

Recommend this guy in a heartbeat. Called on a Saturday around 10...door was fixed by mid afternoon, even though he was already on another install. Then, he only charged me a service call. Customer service is not dead. But he may have a corner on it in the garage door business.

Rating: 1

bmoody51 Wow!

Unfortunately, I need to give a star rating because I can't give a lesser rating. I wish I could give a negative star rating. For several weeks, I have not been receiving all of my emails, having been notified of such by the senders. I call the phone number, only to be directed by "Automan" to input my phone number, for the purpose which has yet to be determined because after I finally do get to speak with a live individual, I am asked for my phone number. WHY? I already punched that in. For the umpteenth time, I explain frustratedly that I am not getting all of my emails. I am informed that the email is a free service of Knology, as if that is an explanation for why I am not receiving emails. I have heard so many excuses over the past few weeks, with the blame being placed on everybody but Knology, with the exception of the second to last time. They informed me their server was down and all of the emails were backed up. Hence, that is the reason I received an email 6 hours after it was sent. I have been told by the General Manager that no emails have been lost. Well, if they aren't lost, they have been permanently misplaced. I wish I had ISP options, but the only option in my area is a dish, which is equally unreliable. Here's a fervent hope that WOW will correct the abysmal service and cavalier attitude pervasive in Knology. It just p*sses me off that I have to pay for wholly substandard product and service. The only thing Knology has to offer over their competition is service; and I feel I have been much the same way a bull services a heifer. And apparently, I am in the majority of people when I discuss Knology.

Rating: 5

bmoody51 Lawrence Landscape Inc.

LLI did some work around our house and we were extremely pleased with the results. Their workers were diligent and friendly. And the job was completed short cuts. They deserve your business.

Rating: 3

bmoody51 Intrust Bank

In order to address the concerns voiced in the previous review and at the request of Doug Gaumer, President of Intrust, I met today with Doug to reconcile the previous activities which resulted in my harsh assessment of Intrust. I hold out hope that the issues have been addressed and that no future issues will rear up. At the very least, we have established a communication bridge. I highly recommend the establishment of an interchange with a ranking officer of whichever bank you choose. As Doug indicated, 'Really, customer service is what sets a good bank apart from others." At this point, I am willing to concede that issues could have been better handled on both sides. Let's see what the future holds.

Rating: 2

bmoody51 WheatFields Bakery Café

Bread is great....Service sucks

lawrenceguy11 replies...

I totally agree. I've basically stopped going because of the snotty attitude of some of their staff.