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alovell91 Wow!

Wow. Knology sure welcomed me to Lawrence.

We purchased a home in Lawrence and are closing in 3 weeks. I tried to establish service this morning and was told that they can't do anything until the current owners of the home that we are buying cancel THEIR account with Knology-- I was told this by a customer service rep and by a supervisor. Nor can they put in a ticket for someone to call me until the current owners cancel their service.

So essentially, Knology is requiring me to take time out of my day to call them several times a week to see if the current owners have cancelled their service before they will even consider establishing an account for my family. I had no issues setting up electric, water, gas, and recycling services, but nope, Knology can't even take my information, because heaven forfend that we get cable service established before we close and move into town. Looks like I will be heading to AT&T for all of my internet and cable TV needs before even becoming a Knology customer. And I thought that Time Warner Cable was bad.

cphelps replies...

I am sorry that you are having difficulties getting your Knology services connected. I want to help.
Please contact me directly at 785-312-6901 and I will assist you in getting your services connected in time to meet your move in deadline. Thank you for your patience. Christina, Knology Marketing