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aishahhils Fat Freddy's Pizza and Wings

i moved to lawrence about five or six months ago and i order from fat freddy's at least once a week. it used to be amazing and it's still the only place i'll order delivery from. the people who work there are very courteous and the food usually arrives within an hour. however, in the last couple of months the quality of the food has just gone down the drain - lots of cold, rubbery sandwiches, missing items, and soggy appetizers. they still have the best pizza in town but the main reason i love them is because of the variety of their menu and almost everything else on the menu has been sucking lately! please bring back the hot, tasty deliciousness fat freddy's is known for.

slvrntrt replies...

Yeah, I got some nasty food that was all wrong the last time I ordered too. The guy who answered the phone was wasted. :-/

FatFreddy replies...

Why don't you call me and talk to me? I'm almost always at the store. Or you could post your comment on FaceBook. I check that daily. I'm tired of checking this epically awful slow moving blog which only seems to generate negative comments. Fat Freddy's is here to stay. Sales are up over 55% from last year. I challenge any business in Lawrence to beat that kind of growth. But with growth comes growing pains...i.e. late deliveries, and cold food. I can't predict the future, not yet, but when I can, you will start receiving your deliveries before you get hungry. I'm also working on a teleportation device to save labor cost on delivery drivers and decrease delivery times. Please stop flaming me. I'm just a guy trying to make a living.

impaul4 replies...

Are you crapping me Fred? You have been Fat Freddy's for a couple years, of course sales are up a ridiculous amount. You're new you went from $0- now. For a "business owner" your logic is terrible. And when a company grows the service gets worse and the food also? Are you f&$%ing stupid? I challenge you to stay in business past the end of this year. Bet you won't make it.

FatFreddy replies...

Challenge accepted! Now let's set some terms. If somehow I manage to stay in business until the end of this year December 31st, 2012, you will intern for me for 6 months for free. After that time is up, you will then retract your statement, make a public apology, stand on Mass, in February, with no pants, holding a sign that says, "Fat Freddy was right. It's hard to predict the future." If I lose...well then I will have squandered the best opportunity that has or will ever come my way.

I will check back on this "Hater's Blog" in a few months.

Peace and Chicken Grease,


impaul4 replies...

You've raised the prices twice in the last 9 months and you started charging for delivery. Tell me again how awesome your business is going?