Affordable Tree Service was founded in 2008 by Jared and Kathy Jegen in Lawrence Kansas. Jared is a Wentworth Military graduate with over 18 years of urban forestry experience. Jared has always been cognizant of our environment growing up in Leavenworth county while working with his father's sanitary landfill and disposal company. As a skilled climber Jared is able to remove trees with traditional rigging and roping techniques that have little to no impact on our environment. Jared's climbing and rigging skills also allow him to safely remove trees in urban areas that are not accessible with bucket trucks or diesel powered equipment.

Kathy holds a Bachelor's degree in Biology and Master's Degree in Human Resource Management. Kathy is an active partner and acts as both Human Resources and Project Manager.

Kathy's role is to walk your property with you to provide you a professionally itemized proposal. If you accept the proposal Kathy will oversee your project and coordinate with neighbors, Westar energy (only if service line drops are necessary) and other service providers to guarantee your project is completed properly and efficiently. Upon completion of your project she will walk your property again with you to assure your project was completed as noted on the proposal. Call us today for a free, no obligation quote.

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