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SarahP35 None

They were difficult to commit to an appointment time. Kathy showed up to our door 6 hours later than she said she would. She was unfriendly and was unpleasant to talk to. I am not sure if she was possibly having a bad day but it was a unfortunate and unpleasant interaction. We will never use this service. Ever.

affordabletreeservice replies...

6 hours late? did we actually have an appointment? I assure you I have never been 6 hours late. I'm certain that I never had a "scheduled" time to look at your tree(s). Rather, I take the address down and stop by to look at the tree when I am in the area. Do you always "click: with everybody you interact with on a daily basis? Maybe we just didn't hit it off and I don't take on every project I look at. Unfortunately, I am not going to like everybody I meet on a daily basis and vise versa. I would like to ask that you remove your review as it would be more appropriate for you to leave a review for a business that actually did work for you. Otherwise, your just posting this review to tell the world you think I am a bitch.