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SarahP35 None

They were difficult to commit to an appointment time. Kathy showed up to our door 6 hours later than she said she would. She was unfriendly and was unpleasant to talk to. I am not sure if she was possibly having a bad day but it was a unfortunate and unpleasant interaction. We will never use this service. Ever.

affordabletreeservice replies...

6 hours late? did we actually have an appointment? I assure you I have never been 6 hours late. I'm certain that I never had a "scheduled" time to look at your tree(s). Rather, I take the address down and stop by to look at the tree when I am in the area. Do you always "click: with everybody you interact with on a daily basis? Maybe we just didn't hit it off and I don't take on every project I look at. Unfortunately, I am not going to like everybody I meet on a daily basis and vise versa. I would like to ask that you remove your review as it would be more appropriate for you to leave a review for a business that actually did work for you. Otherwise, your just posting this review to tell the world you think I am a bitch.

Rating: 5

SarahP35 Century School, Inc.

We have been at Century for almost 2 years. Century came highly recommended by a friend of ours who’s child attended the preschool. The poor review listed below seems so extreme. Our experience at Century has been wonderful. Our son started there at age 3 in the preschool. He is still currently in the preschool and at age 5 will transition to a classroom upstairs. If you go to the Century website it states they are a different kind of school. They also state that because each child is different, instruction is personalized. What we like best about this school is our son’s academic learning is one on one. He is not sitting in a classroom of 20 kids trying to be taught the same thing. Century has provided him with wonderful social and academic growth appropriate for his age. Century’s location is awesome. They go to the public library every Friday for story time. In the summer they take the kids to swimming classes at the public pool. They walk downtown for a reward day and to watch the parades. Century provides freshly prepared lunches every day. The preschool is clean, never chaotic and anytime I have a question or need something I get an immediate response. I guess I would have to say in response to reading the poor review is not every school will be a good fit for every child. And I think most of us out there can quickly make a valid assessment and move on if that is the case.