Rating: 1

PeggyJ64 Bar West Neighborhood Grill

Went in Thursday night (2-24-2011) with neighbors and family from out of town. My Husband and I have been in a few times because its close to our house, and all of our neighbors like to go in and enjoy the atmosphere. Night started great, good food service wasn't bad. Let me say that none of us after that night will be going back. We went up for dinner and decided to stay and enjoy drinks and catch up. The little girl behind the bar started to work the entire bar, which seem to be okay, until all her friends showed up. She started taking shots with all of them, that were sitting at the bar, and not in moderation. We were a table of six, and all could not help but notice how unprofessional she was. She even had someone fall out of bar stool (intoxicated) helped back up and they all took more shots as soon as she gets back up. My husband even commented on the way home that he had counted she took 9 shots with them in the little less then two hours we were there. After talking with some of my other neighbors, unfortunately none of us from our neighborhood will be returning, and we talk threw out the neighbor hood. Strong