Rating: 1

New2Larry Paisano's Ristorante

Never again... The atmosphere is just adiquate, my vodka martini was so watered down I could hardly tell there was any vodka in it. The salad consisted of wet lettuce with a few olives, a few strands of shredded purple cabbage and a sprinkle of soggy crutons with barely a drizzle of dressing, and the only redeeming quality of the bread was it was warm. The service was extremely slow, so much so that two members of my party complained, resluting with only slightly better service. I can't personally comment on the food as I had to leave before it arrived, well over an hour after arriving at my table, but the comments concerning the other three dishes orded by the remainder of the party indicated that the food was mediocre, undercooked, or too salty. I know I am a minority, but Italian is not my favorite cuisine, therefore I am hard to impress. Considering the rest of my experience, I am sure I would have been equally disappointed.