Rating: 1

JermWillard College Corner Coin Laundry

Do not use this laundromat. The owners are liars. On the door, a sign advertises hours from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM, with a last load time of 9:30 PM. The sign says that after 9:30 PM, if no one is in the building, the doors will be locked. This is fine, except toninght I showed up at 9:15 PM to pick up my clothes and go home, but the building was already locked with my clothes inside. Again, I understand the policy, but I don't appreciate closing early when clearly there are clothes still there. If, as advertised, 9:30 PM comes around and I'm not there, then fine. But don't advertise one closing time and adhere to another. Once I pick up my clothes in the morning (IF they open at 7:00 AM as advertised, that is...), I will be taking my business somewhere else for now on. I would suggest that others do the same.