Rating: 4

Jdon111 None

I have taken my dog to 3 other groomers besides CNN mobile pet salon. One nicked my dogs private parts, and it was uncomfortable for him for weeks, another charged me the same price as CNN mobile pet salon but only seemed to have washed him (which was very dissapointing because I asked them to clean him up, and make him look good for my wedding), the third charged too much and was in very inconvenient location. CNN was the only groomer who made my dog look good and the groomer was prompt and friendly. The most important to me is that my dog Eddie (a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel) looked and felt fantastic. The groomer even managed to tame my Sheltie enough to groom her, which no one else has been able to do. I have seen this groomer three times since my first apt. and I have already scheduled a fourth. I would recommend this groomer.