Rating: 1

IslandBug Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar

Choose this place over others because when we called to find out about coverage on the NFL games we were told that they would cover the NFL games until all games were over. There was also a sign on the door stating that the football games would be covered in their entirety. Well imagine the surprise when at the end of the third quarter they switched to the UFC fights. Spoke to 2 managers and both said they needed to cater to everyone. About 30 football fans cleared out. Guess they don't really mean what they say and post. Both managers shrugged their shoulders and said sorry. Didn't quite feel that they really meant it. So, my advice is if you are wanting to watch NFL, you might want to consider somewhere other than here. BTW, we spent close to $200.00, that really didn't seem to concern them either. That will be the last money spent there.