Rating: 4

Graczyk Basil Leaf Cafe

I ate at the Basil Leaf for the first time this evening. I called in my order for pick-up and the person who answered the phone was both helpful and pleasant. I ordered two entrees and a side of bread sticks. I thought the bread sticks were tasty, but perhaps somewhat under cooked - just by a bit. My wife didn't think the marinara sauce was that special, but I thought it was excellent and I am the one writing the review, so...

I had the Penne Abruzzi. This is a fantastic dish. I didn't really like the sun-dried tomatoes in the sauce, however. They were an almost startling contrast to the other flavors of the dish - almost briny. Criticism aside, I would still order this dish again. My wife had the Five Layer Lasagna. That is an all around fabulous dish - other than having perhaps a little too much noticeable salt.

One note about the great container controversy that you may have read about from a previous review. Basil Leaf Cafe uses typical to-go containers and serves very large portions. They have posted a sign that warns customers to be careful when transporting food. I heeded the sign but still ended up with a little sauce on the outside of box, but it was contained in the bag. No big deal. Maybe they could cut back their portion sizes so that the sauce has less chance of escaping? (Just kidding.) The place is a great value and the two meals my wife and I enjoyed were fantastic. I highly recommend it.

walterbradley replies...

Thank you kindly for your friendly and honest review and for coming in and dining and giving the gas station guys a chance. Hopefully we will see you again soon and may have earned another customer, look for some new menu changes in the coming weeks as we are always changing things up a bit and will have more seasonal items on the way soon. And by the way I agree on the sun dried tomatoes I am not a fan of them per say but many people are and I just pick around them anyway lol. Your review and comments were taken to heart and appreciated thanks again and please come again soon. Have a wonderful day..
Sincerely Brad Walters..."Walt"