Rating: 5

ENGLPROF78 Z's Divine Downtown Espresso

First off, I would not really listen to a reviewer who is unable to spell "barista" correctly. (I am looking at you, jenniferks!) Anyway, I have always found the baristas at Z's Downtown to be friendly and attentive. Whoever is behind the counter always greets me with my name and knows my drink right away - a big loose cannon. Now these are not the type of baristas simply standing around waiting for a customer; they are either brewing fresh coffee, cleaning up around the cafe, or making customers feel so welcomed. Thanks, Z's baristas and keep wearing those crazy t-shirts!

jenniferks replies...

Your experience was very different from mine. I am happy that you are receiving great service! I did not. Cheers and peace!

ENGLPROF78 replies...

Fair enough, but I have to rebut. My experience is not an abberation, as is evident by the growing number of reviews for Z's.