Rating: 5

CStew underground lab

The Underground Lab..where do I begin? I am one who usually does not write reviews regarding businesses or people, but when I believe it deserves one, then I am jumping on the wagon! I started out with UGL back in November of 2011; very skeptical, I might add. Gyms intimidate me and make me extremely nervous. So, to be honest, I really didn't know how long this would last. It all began as a trial session (which I think it an excellent way to test the 'waters'), and the trainer was Melissa. Not only was/is Melissa kind and energetic, but very down to earth and realistic about the levelsāˆš of her clients. She ALWAYS gives great words of encouragement! Now, being at the gym since November 2011, I have had the opportunity to meet the other trainers and they are amazing, as well! This facility is really like no other I have belonged to (and over the years, I have tried several...and left only months later). I feel like we are all family there...in fact, in June of 2012, my 13 year old son started with Melissa and in May 2013, not only is my son still working with her, but my daughter has started! I can truly give my 100% recommendation to Underground Lab. The owner, Fernando, has done one heck of a job creating an environment for all..regardless of the level of fitness you currently are experiencing. From beginner to the most experienced, they will find your level and train you so you succeed!!! Thanks UGL!!!