Rating: 1

CHKNLTL 23rd Street Brewery

After 2 years I gave your business another chance to properly cook me a Hamburger. Unfortunately, your cooks still think a Hamburger should be PINK and RED inside. What a shame. This is the only place in town that practically promises a bit of food poisoning. I had a waitress bring me the wrong shot of scotch on a separate occasion and then she tried to say that I had to pay $24 for it. Come on! Customers paying for worker mistakes is WRONG!

MattLlewellyn replies...

CHKNL TL, I am so sorry that my cooks did not cook your Hamburger the way you wanted it. I can assure you that we do not want our guests to get food poisoning. We would probably not be in business very long if that was the case. Please feel free to come visit us again. I can assure you that we will not mess it up. If you wish to reveal yourself please feel free to call me at 856.2337 and we will truly guarantee that you have a great experience. Thanks Matt Llewellyn