Rating: 5

AAATravel Sakura Japanese Restaurant

My favorite sushi place in the city! Not only is it really fun to sit around the "sushi train" to see what sushi gets delivered, but it's really cheap at $2-$2.60 per plate! I recommend getting there early when the train starts to get a good seat, otherwise you might be at the "back end" and you get to spend your time giving dirty looks to everyone in front of you as they take the plate you wanted! However you can ask them to make something for you if you don't get it and they're always really good about it!

Rating: 5

AAATravel A Cut Above Natural Meats

Some of the best steaks I've ever had came from A Cut Above - the meat was extremely tender! Plus they have the a lot of different sausages that are just amazing - they made a "Buffalo Chicken" sausage that was really tasty!