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Rating: 4

naturebydawn Chaney Incorporated

Plumbing service was great. The guy worked quickly and efficiently. However, it did take a long time for him to arrive.

They did so well, I decided to use them again for furnace repair. There were issues with this service but the company has been willing to work with me to make things right.

Rating: 4

potterlakeview Yokohama Sushi Japanese Restaurant

Great sushi. I eat here all the time for lunch. My favorite is the Sunday Morning roll, however, Rainbow rolls, and Tempura shrimp rolls are good too.

Best sushi in town, hands down. Highly recommended.

Rating: 5

Jah223 Dena's Photography

I had a print made from Dena for a wedding gift. It turned out great and best of all she got it done for me quickly, for I am a procrastinator. She contacted me promptly and had the proof emailed to me right away. Thanks a lot Dena!

Rating: 5

Jah223 Stitch On Needlework & Gifts

I did my whole shopping experience over the phone and couldn't have been more pleased. I needed to order a wedding gift and in a short amount of time. The lady was very nice and she even offered to wrap the gift for me which helped me a lot because it was a last minute gift. I went in to pay and pick it up and it was so easy!

I had a print made from Dena's Photography. I had seen a sample in the store. It made a great wedding gift, definetly one of a kind. Dena was also very friendly and helpful!

Rating: 5

JaneSweet Sizzors Inc. Spa

Love my hairWhat a great place. Everyone was friendly and Kirby did a great job on my color and cut. Love the straightner also. Thanks for everything and I always love coming to see you guys. Even in new York I don't get taken care of like you all do here. Oh got on your webste love the new commercial. See you soon Jane

Rating: 4

alm77 Queen Lizzy's Fish & Chips

Fish and chips was really great!! Fish was huge and the batter was excellent.

Service was slow, but I'm not sure why. She may have too many things she's supposed to be doing at once. She was very nice.

Rating: 5

tangles762000 River Rock Family Dental

I love this dentist office, it is very clean and the employees as well as the dentist's themselves are very helpful and courteous. They know who you are after one visit. I use to hate to go to the dentist and now I am not worried about it at all. I had a root canal done a few weeks ago and went back for a cleaning today. The Dentist's are the best in Lawrence and I have been around. The office staff explains all my costs before we even start any work. I appreciate that. ALI tries very hard to tell you what your insurance may pay and helps you to maximize your benefits. I love that because most dental insurance have an out of pocket maximum and I want to know where I stand and how much I have left to use. Great job guys I am so lucky to have found you. Thanks again

Rating: 5

stufz 24/7 Locksmith

Excellent & timely service - even in the middle of the night ! Young guy getting a start and he's eager to help - no hidden fees or low advertised rates to pull you in when you're in need of locksmithing. Just the real deal - job done !

Rating: 1

Al Capp Panda & Plum Garden

Lousy. We went at noon so the buffet should have been fresh. The hot food was barely warm, the cold items were barely cool, and the 'fresh fruit' was fossilized. Fried items were both doughy and dried out. The 'hot and sour soup' appears to be a glarp of leftover egg drop soup, vinegar and whatever. I made the mistake of trying a brownie because the Chinese food was so bad. I actually spit it out, it was so stale. I used to go here over 20 years ago, and the food appears to be left over from the 80's . I've had better food at McDonald's. Only people who have never had real Chinese food could like this junk. But at least the server was nice.

pandaplum replies...

I'm sorry to hear about your experience. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the buffet food, please inform your server and/or the host/hostess. He or she will gladly have the kitchen cook the food fresh. Please know that the Panda & Plum Garden strives to provide the best food in town. Without customers' comments and suggestions like yours, we cannot know how we are doing. Thanks.

Tim Quest replies...

Ironically, Panda & Plum Garden is the only place in town that has an AUTHENTIC Chinese food menu. You just have to ask for it.

They are great! Best Chinese (even American-Chinese, which is what people think of as "Chinese food") cuisine in town.

Rating: 1

lve2swim3 Sizzors Inc. Spa

It is sad that I have to put 1 star for this Salon. I wish I could have put 0. I have had nothing but negative experiences with this Salon and their staff with the exception of 1 visit several months ago, so I guess that can be their one star. I am livid after receiving a rather rude email from whomever runs their email list. It can be read as follows: "You have to unsubscribe they are automatic. You don't have to be rude that may have been your problem.

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Not only did this rude email get sent to me after my asking them to take me off their email list due to the fact that I wont be visiting their establishment again, their website is unreliable and lists services for which they do not follow through with offering, even after making a KIND complaint/inquiry about why I did not receive a service listed under their "facial" section of their website, and paying 85$ for it!? The lady I spoke to on the phone then, Kirby, was rude and said that their website was incorrect and basically told me "tough luck." Then a few weeks later I receive a postcard in the mail stating that I could come in for a "free 60 minute facial" with some sort of extra "scrub" tacked on to it, FOR FREE. However when I made the appointment I was told this was a 'mistake' and that it was not for a free facial, just the extra 'scrub.' SERIOUSLY!?!? I am nothing short of looking into reporting this business for unfair practices as well as rude, incompetent service. It is infuriating that these women would treat a paying customer in such a way.

Please do yourself a favor and go to Z's hair academy, or Beauty Brands where you will receive honest, good quality service for a cheaper price.

Sizzorsinc replies...

Hi Megan,

When we talked before, we apologized for the misunderstanding. Our Cosmetologists and Estheticians go though our files and send out many coupons when we have not seen a client in awhile.

At the time, our stylist offered a FREE body scrub with a purchase of a facial. As we told you we are sorry for the inconvenience of the situation. We DO admit we made a mistake, but also feel that when writing hundreds of handwritten cards to clients, a mistake or two happens. It is unfortunate you were on the receiving end of the mistake, but when you booked the appointment you were informed immediately of the error. I feel as though your frustration is being blown slightly out of proportion for the mistake. We are always willing to work with our clients if they feel their service was unsatisfactory. We feel that offering a FREE service with a purchase of a service is not a "unfair practice".

We appreciate your feedback. We would love the opportunity to change your mind and have you back into the salon for services.

Rating: 1

faithadams Med Furniture

Numerous calls, emails, etc and still no response from our problem dating back to 3/1/2011! I have called the main number, a direct cell phone for Ryan (both of which we are leaving numerous messages on) and have emailed these people about two problematic chairs that we purchased from them for over $6,000. We have tried to work with a Credit Card company since we are not getting any responses from this company. We are turning to this avenue as we would simply like our issue that was to be fixed months ago handled as promised.

BeResponsible replies...

All victim of such crime must contact law enforcement specially Internet Fraud Unit of FBI. Otherwise this kind of crime will go on and more people will fall victim.

Rating: 5

vintagepark Vintage Park at Baldwin City

We are so impressed with the activities and scheduling at Vintage Park at Baldwin City, plus all the benefits of love, care, concern and meeting the needs of each resident living there. My mother is busy, satisfied and loves her room. She calls Vintage Park "Home" and that is a great feeling to me. Deanna D

Rating: 4

greengamer19 Queen Lizzy's Fish & Chips

It was a little on the expensive side but with the price comes a lot of good food. I had the fish n chips, it was fantastic. Didn't get to try any desserts as they were out of everything. Service was good, atmosphere is fun, food was great.

Final thought: I enjoyed it and will go back.

Rating: 5

mhart12 19th Street Tow & Recovery

Great service! Car wouldn't start so my insurance called them for towing services and they arrived 20 min. earlier than planned, so that was good. Very nice, very professional employees and service!

Rating: 2

Steven Gaudreau Fuzzy's Taco Shop

I was hoping the name of the business began with a guy named Fuzzy. I was wrong. My fears were realized when I entered the business and saw " We put the T&A in taco" and "eat me" on the walls. I find the sexual innuendos disgusting and unappetizing and I'm the furthest thing from a prude. The decor is cheap and the paint job is bad. Those things don't bother me though, the guys gotta make a buck and spending big money to open a taco joint is a recipe for disaster. Now for the food. I did not get the fish taco. The tackiness of the business and fish in Kansas..........not gonna do it. Anyway, the secret sauce here I believe is ranch dressing. We had pork, beef and chicken burritos and tacos. We got them mixed up and could not distinguish which was which, they all tasted like ranch dressing and looked the same. The tacos were good, $1.99 but not very big. I would need 4 to make a meal. Salsa is extra which I hate at Mexican restaurants. The sauce on the table is watery vinegar, not good. The burritos were a mess and not good. I hear the fish tacos are good. Since the tacos I had were the only positive experience, Ill go back and try those despite the disgusting name.

Rating: 4

Teri Chambers Queen Lizzy's Fish & Chips

Was there in the first week so they were still working out a few problems with service. I expect that to change once things get settled and that is why I gave 4 stars. My party had the fish and chips which was very delicious. Someone also had the sausage roll. We all left very full and pleased with the food. I will be going back again.

Rating: 5

smarsha Salvation Army Thrift Store

After living in California for many years and new to Lawrence and the weather I am hearing about, I was on the hunt for a warm coat. I hate to pay retail! Quality is number one with me and a Designer label is certainly a plus. The challenge was finding a 1X!

I had been everywhere! Lasting Impressions certainly lives up to it's name and they did have a great selection (a brand new Coach bag at a price I could not pass up) but no coat in my size. So desperate, I was tempted to buy a long leather one for a man, but the shoulders made me look like a football player.

So discouraged...where is the coat someone left just for me? At the point of risking a blind purchase online or just layer what I have and face the brutal cold...I was fed up and giving up...tired of chasing the streets.

Just one more trip to Salvation Army before surrender and throwing in the towel. Omg Omg! What a mecca on Friday...still in shock over the thrill. I literally had to get a shopping cart to carrry eight that I could get on! I headed to the mirror, almost embarrassed to view the treasures and make the choice. How is it possible there were so many? It was like winning the I in Vegas?

I bought four!!!! Three have never been worn! A mauve suede one even had new matching gloves in the pockets! The long cobalt wool to die for even matched the boots I wore. The aqua, subtle irridescent jacket with cinching ties so flattering I could not say no. Lastly the chocolate ankle length Leather was icing on which cake???

After my fashion show for mom at home, I figured it out...had some Lawrencian with a giving spirit for the Holidays thought of me and others? That alone is a gracious blessing...what could be more caring? You ready?

Well known Designers have dumped their overstock at Salvation Army!!!

My total? more sitting down? Friday ALL clothing at Salvation Army was HALF PRICE!

Out the door...$$$$$ 32 Dollars and change! Snow??? hmmmmm Cold??? hhhhmmmm Bring in On!!!

Rating: 5

kylepurdon Hibachi Grill

Hibachi Grill and Supreme Buffet is GREAT!

Where else in Lawrence can you get Mongolian Style grill, a full Chinese Buffet, Partial american buffet, Sushi, and desert for one price!

Lunch is around $7 and dinner is at $10 but it's well worth the price.

For such a wide variety of food everything was of very good quality and the entire buffet was full, fresh, and hot. The full buffet, a Mongolian style (select your meat, noodles, veggies) grill, and sushi is all included in the cost.

The decor is simple but clean and well put together. (Ow and the LED lighting around the buffet are is pretty cool too)

With other well known Chinese buffets disappearing in Lawrence (...Peeking) this place should become a staple. CHECK THIS PLACE OUT!!!!