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Rating: 5

WMDunn 715

I have only been here once, on a date with my wife (one of those precious few we get as parents). It was a great experience, and we expect to return for our anniversary next weekend. It is the closest experience to an evening out in New York City as we've gotten since we left there, and I can offer no higher compliment than that. Terrific food, (not exceptional, but) alright service, and the best atmosphere in town. Kudos to the management and the team there.

Rating: 5

salmon12 Amyx Barber Shop

Great haircut! I wasn't sure that they did women's cuts, but they do and do them well! Highly recommended!

Rating: 5

trevorku Basil Leaf Cafe

Great place and truly outstanding food, even when they are off it's better than most places when they are on the mark. Been eating here since they opened and hope they find a bigger space soon love to see what they could do in a real dining establishment. Never had a disappointing or bad meal though my lasagna seemed rather salty this last week someone must of tipped over the salt jar in the meat or sauce. Like I said though great food even when their off its still good for me check them out give it a try.Sure do miss the breakfast potatoes and breakfast lasgna though should do it for a lunch special sometime hint...

Rating: 5

LALady Biemer's BBQ

To quote the marquee, "Meat this good don't need no sauce!" This place is awesome! Not only is the pulled pork outta control delicious, but the chicken wings are straight up addictive! The staff is ultra friendly, and super helpful. And while the portions are big business, the staff is so friendly, that it feels as though you're walking into your own home. They truly understand what customer service means! Next time you're in the mood for amazing food without a'lotta frills, for sure give this great Lawrence destination a try!!! I highly suggest the wings with vinegar sauce and a side of fried pickles!!!

Rating: 5

timbercreeks Family Medicine Associate, PA

Awesome doctors. We see Dr Cordova but honestly I like all of the doctors and no hesitate seeing anyone else if she is not available. We love it here! Love the walk in clinic for those spur of the moment needs. Thank you Dr Cordova and others for being so wonderful!

Rating: 5

timbercreeks Pawsh Wash

AWESOME place to take your pet to be pampered. I love the self wash stalls. I go in and come out with a clean pet and they clean up all the mess. One price and you get all the fixings! Shampoo, COndition, warm water, grooming tools, dryer, towels, etc. Thanks to the friendly staff for always being so helpful & professional. LOVE this place!

Rating: 5

timbercreeks Alvin's Wines & Spirits

Some of the best prices in Lawrence! Nice, clean store and always well stocked.

Rating: 5

timbercreeks Pet World

Awesome store and awesome animals! I get all my fish & water from Pet World and they actually LIVE! The staff is so helpful and always willing to answer my questions. If you go in at a busy time it can take awhile for them to get to you but when they do, you do not feel rushed. They always spend the time they need with each customer. BRAVO for having such a great place for us to go IN Lawrence!

Rating: 4

adamt Wireless Restore Inc.

I drove up from Topeka to check out their used inventory today. I'm with ATT not renewing a contract shopping for smartphone. Dude hooked me up with a repaired HTC inspire for a sweet price. The phone is in very good shape, bestbuy has it priced at $599 outright without contract. I got it for under 200 and I'm very happy about that.

Rating: 5

MaryA Ashley Alterations

Fast, friendly, dependable service. Convenient location. Ms. Ashley has many years of experience, and is a talented alterations professional.

Susan Ashley replies...

Thank you Mary. Glad you were happy with the service. Come again.

Rating: 5

Susan Ashley Ashley Alterations

Geat location service....Ms Ashley has a great deal of experence in the Alterations field. And pant hems start at $11.00 everyday.

Rating: 5

Sunnydays 21st Century Chimney Sweep

Allen Clough, the owner of 21st Century Sweep, has been wonderful to work with. He is very knowledgeable about the chimney business and was able to explain (in simple terms) what was needed for my chimney to be repaired. He referred me to excellent resources and spent extra time answering my questions. He went above and beyond to make my fireplace look nice and included many things at no extra charge. He is a kind man who knows his stuff! I would highly recommend his services to anyone.

Rating: 1

ou812mr2 Biemer's BBQ


Rating: 5

kippers Zen Zero

Loving Zen Zero. Yellow curry with chicken is great the first time around, and also great reheated. Loved my first time there and will def. return.

Rating: 2

kippers Fat Freddy's Pizza and Wings

Really disappointed. My food arrived about an hour and a half after I ordered it. All of the boxes were obviously smashed tightly into something, which was confusing because two of them were in a plastic bag to the side. The curly fries had obviously been packed and then sat in a car for probably 45 minutes, were cold, chewy and wet from the cooked condensation. The wings were fine, disappointed in the quality, but they were cheap and the sauce masked all gross things. The pizza, lets talk about that. I ordered cream cheese as a topping, expecting cream cheese spread over the pizza in a uniform general manner. Nope. I received about 3 huge globs of cream cheese on a pizza. Topped off with more cheese. So some one really made the conscious decision that that was a good idea. The pizza arrived, and half of the pizza had slid down and folded on top of its self, so that was gross. The cream cheese did allow its self to spread out more evenly that way. All in all, it was a pretty tragic experience. We were ready to eat delicious hot, fresh food, and instead received a box of ok pizza, poorly topped, and cold ruined fries. Not worth the money I spent.

FatFreddy replies...

I could handle this comment several different ways. I could take the high road and ignore it. I could take the low road and apologize for everything. Or I could analyze and dismember it for the true rotten trash that it is. I will do none of those things. But I will ask you two questions, and then I will make a statement.

1. If you had a bad experience at my restaurant, why didn't you call me and let me correct it?
2. Why are you publicly trying to ruin my business?
3. I am just a guy trying to live the American Dream. I'm 36 years old, I'm a helluva pizza guy. I've never owned a business before, but I've made other people millions of dollars through my own hard work. I worked 6 days a week in Orlando, with an average day consisting of 300 tickets, and the average ticket had 1.5 pizzas on it. I worked, and slaved, and sweated, and made pizzas 'til my fingers bled for 9 years, and saved my money. You do the math, but what I've worked out is, I'm in it for 1.2 million pizzas. I can't turn back. I'm all in. I've come back home after ten years of east coast pizza hard labor and now it's my turn to make millions. I started Fat Freddy's with nothing except Gumby's phone number and a will to succeed. I resurrected Gumby's from the grave and have turned it into a wonderful, new, fresh operation, with really awesome pizzas and fried chicken wings. I use only whole foods, beef, chicken breast, sausage...all cooked in house...onions, green peppers, mushrooms, sliced by hand daily...just to name a few. I put tons of toppings on my pizzas and all of my wing sauces are homemade, including Quinn's Crack Money, Sticky Whiskey, and Fat Freddy's Favorite (Hot, Honey, Garlic) I am frying up tons of appetizers. And I absolutely REFUSE to water down my Philly Cream Cheese and spread it, but I digress. I wasn't going to address any specifics of your comment. So this will end my statement. -Fred

Rating: 5

BadWeather Famous Footwear

Largest and best selection of shoes in town. I visit the store most often in the evenings and they are always friendly, knowledgeable and willing to help.

Rating: 1

BadWeather Saints Pub + Patio

Bad food, bad service, bad experience. I will not go back and I will not recommend this place to others. I miss Old Chicago.

Rating: 1

Charlie Bannister Ball Construction Inc.

Ditto on megregor rating and comments. We used him for a lot of work this past summer 2011 for two houses. Does good work and is reasonable. Comes across as a real nice guy. But he has got to be the world's worst person for returning phone calls. If there were an Olympic event for that, he would get the gold medal. He told us he ordered a window for us and never got back to us. Called him for 3 months straight and never got a return call--not even one. Luckily we had not given him any money on it. I insist on the work being performed first. THEN I pay. Period. Also referred him to a relative for painting a house. He came and gave a bid, but never even started the work. They called him numerous times and he never returned their phone calls either. My conclusion is he is a total jerk and I would not hire him again to walk my dog.

Rating: 5

mlgibs Steve's Auto Plaza Body Shop

We would highly recommend Steve's Auto Plaza Body Shop! We worked mainly with a man by the name of Justin who went the extra mile to work with our insurance adjustor and made sure the car was repaired properly. We were rear-ended... and there was nearly $10,000 worth of damage to the car! They did have the car for a fair amount of time, but we were told up front that the repair would take several weeks. He was very thorough in going over the estimate and keeping us up to date throughout the entire process. We just got the car back yesterday... and it looks like NEW! (And if any problems do arise, all we have to do is contact them since they guarantee their work). We are very pleased with the work done on the car and the customer service!

Rating: 5

KJ Whitehair Images Salon & Day Spa

I was impressed by the professionalism and service at Images.