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Rating: 5

dhester Keith Jones DDS

Over 13 years ago I desperately needed dental help. Gums were receding, one or two root canals possible, my own hygiene routine was terrible. I delayed going to a dentist because I truly hate pain in my mouth and the 'cattle car' approach of so many practices. A friend suggested Dr Keith Jones and his staff. They took their time with me to explain what my issues were; they assured me that pain was not a part of their technique; and they carefully yet properly got me into a routine of consistent dental health care that has benefited me now and into the future. They are very careful to insure I remain comfortable throughout any procedures required. Dr Jones is so professional yet extremely personable in his 'chair-side' manner! The reception assistant, Shirley, is just first class in all ways. Warm, friendly, yet greatly capable to handle whatever insurance issues you may have. The hygienist I use, Genee, is so good that I seldom use any novacaine for simple cleanings as I used to do!
Anyone with the slightest concerns over great quality of dental care would do themselves a favor by trying this practice. You won't be dumb if you don't, but you might qualify for a Stuck On Stupid Award.

Rating: 5

ddenmark Keith Jones DDS

I wanted to express my most sincere appreciation for the dental care, and humane concern that you have provided Sandi and I over these past few years. As a retired army officer I have travelled the world and, necessarily, was always forced to engage a new dentist at each seceding location. In truth, Sir, this was never an easy task for me. I have always had an irrational, nearly visceral fear of dentists. As a reflection of these emotions, I never felt that I truly bonded with my primary dental care providers. Nor did I desire to. Since transferring to, and ultimately retiring in Lawrence, Kansas, we have had the very great pleasure of associating with you, and your staff of dedicated and caring professionals. The first thing that impressed me about you is that you never attempt to massage my ego when advising me, nor do you seem inclined to judge me for lapses in dental care. Your comments are relevant, directional, medicinally indicated and clearly understandable to a neophyte such as myself. Secondly, when I whine and snivel about having to accept responsibility for my own dental welfare, you hold me accountable for my own welfare (long over-due). And you do it in a respectful manner.

Just as importantly, your concern for our welfare and your obvious humaneness is palpable. You are a good man, sir...and you may quote me. Lastly, and hopefully acceptably to you, your employees frequently hug me when I come in.'s sorta like coming home.

Thank you for all that you do for us.

Don D. US Army, retired

Rating: 5

chester Keith Jones DDS

Dr. Keith Jones has been our dentist for nearly 20 years, and the quality of care he, Genee, and Shirley provide is second-to-none. In addition to offering the best dental care I've ever had, Dr. Jones and his staff offer that care with the highest degree of compassion and professionalism. We recently moved away from the Lawrence area, and we now live about an hour from Dr. Jones' office. There is a long list of approved dentists in our insurance network that are much closer to our home, but we have not even considered switching to one of those dentists. After all, when you have the best, there is no need to go anywhere else.

Peace and joy,


Rating: 5

mbregmanks Westlake Ace Hardware

Definitely the place with the helpful hardware man! Unlike employees at the big box hardware stores, the folks at Ace know their stock and are able to help solve your problems!

Rating: 1

ChootemLiz Saints Pub + Patio

Took a long time to get our food. Typical bar food, nothing special. This place is more of a bar/club hang out rather than a restaurant.

Rating: 5

ecm5119 White Chocolate

Great shop! The owner was there and was very helpful. The other staff were nice too. My boys love their new boards. Also, this shop is a Lawrence GB merchant so that makes it even better. Keep up the good work here in Lawrence. It's nice to have a local skate shop close by.

Rating: 3

ecm5119 Starving Artists Moving

We moved in July of this year and chose this company based on a friend's experience. Everything up until moving day was. The customer service was good, the price (on paper) looked reasonable. The problem was on the day of the move. They crew was late, and they did call me after the fact, to tell me. When they arrived, there were two guys (small, gangly guys that hardly looked like they would be able to move everything in my house). Upon arriving, the one that seemed to be in charge notified me that the assistant wasn't told he was working that day so that was why they were late. They started moving and shortly thereafter the assistant, looking unwell, said he really wished he had known he was working because he wouldn't have drank so much the night before. Needless to say he was dragging (and taking lots of breaks). I appreciated the lead guy because he wasn't happy about the situation and really tried to make up for the other guy. They got everything moved, though it took longer (and cost more) than expected. The hung-over guy was so beat by the end of the move that he couldn't help bring my treadmill in so they left it on the back porch. The lead guy apologized and did offer to come back later when my husband got home to help bring it in. Nothing was broken and overall it was a success. I probably wouldn't use them again though.

Rating: 5

ecm5119 Dave Jensen Painting

I had an excellent experience with this company for my interior paint job. David was great and his crew was too. I recommend them to anyone. Looking to have them work on the outside of the house next year.

Rating: 4

kufan1146 Fuzzy's Taco Shop

Tried it for the first time a few weeks ago - not sure what LarryNative was thinking, I thought it was great! The chips and queso are a steal at $3 for a big 'ol bag and I love their hot sauce. I was a little bit disappointed by the size of the 'jumbo' burrito - I was expecting Chipotle size or larger, but not the case. The next time I went, I got the tacos, which are a great size and I got two for $4, which filled me up just fine. I got them habanero style. The cilantro on them was delicious.

I think the innuendo aspect is funny. I could care less what their walls look like if the food is good. Ever been to Oklahoma Joes in KC? Biggest dump ever, but they win awards for their amazing food all the time. I'll be coming back to Fuzzy's!

Rating: 1

rowanjade21 Jayhawk Guttering

Very unprofessional company and customer service. I used them to replace gutters damaged by a wind storm as they were recommended by my roofing contractor. I wish I had waited for the other company I had contacted to call me back instead. They gave me a bid with extras added that I did not want or need. I told them no and then they emailed me and verified that the job would be done with the extras, after another call to them they said ok, sorry. Then I had to wait almost 2 months before my gutters were put on and they showed up at my house and blocked me in my driveway with no warning at 8 am one morning. I had specifically requested to be notified of when they would be coming to my house to replace the gutters. Then I receive the bill and the extras are included on the bill even though they were not installed. Very rude customer service.

Rating: 1

KathyD Women's Healthcare Group

I trusted my prenatal care to their Lenexa office located by OPRMC, and I am SO SORRY I did! I would NEVER recommend that group to anyone. My precious son had a congenital heart defect and a mass in his lung that they failed to detect.

Rating: 1

FoodCritic94 Biemer's BBQ

Horrible service: I am not satisfied with the way they run there facility. I waited for 15 minutes in the drive through for someone to take my order. No one came to help and I left to find a place that cares about their customers. Don't eat here you wont get served

c3c1L1a replies...

It's a shame yoy didn't get to experience the splendor of Biemer's BBQ. Don't go through the drive-thru. Honestly, they really shouldn't have one. Go inside, before 5, and get yourself some amazing BBQ. Ask for some sweet&tangy and request your fries be extra crispy and extra seasoned; you won't be disappointed!

Rating: 5

1friend23 Doug's Automotive & Alignment

These guys are the best! Totally honest, highly skilled, latest equipment, reasonably priced, and great senses of humor to boot. Would not go anywhere else.


Rating: 5

healingintent Quantum Chiropractic

I have received 2 adjustments from Michael and have never felt better! Having heard many negative experiences over the years from friends who had been to chiropractors, I had never tried it until a friend referred me to Michael. His adjustments are very gentle and very effective. I had much accumulated stress in my upper back and did not realize how much that affects the entire body. After the adjustments from Michael, I feel a more balanced energy flow, not just in my upper back, but in my entire body. His "Quantum Method" is very intuitive and provides outstanding healing assistance. I will continue to use his healing assistance and I highly recommend his practice!

Rating: 5

John Hamm Automotive Machine & Performance

Knowledgeable and very helpful.

Rating: 1

Clint Poteete Wakarusa Veterinary Hospital

If you're looking for a vet, keep looking. You would be better off treating your own animal than leaving it to Dr. Marks (lots of information for home surgery on the internet). He charged $500 for a surgery on my dog. Days later I took the dog to a specialist who said the surgery was never performed. He is either a liar, totally incompetent, or both (I'll go with both). This office cares a lot about your money, but you and your animal not so much. You would like to think people like Dr. Marks don't exist, but unfortunately they are everywhere, and if you love your pet this is especially sad.

Rating: 5

MrLe PDS Moving Delivery & Storage

Super service! Would definitely recommend this company to anyone.

Rating: 1

stopbeingsomean Burger King

I decided to go to burger king tonight and it was a big mistake. I ordered the mushshroom and swiss burger and when i got home I realized that they did not put any mushrooms on it. So i went back. When i told the lady what was wrong she acted annoyed. When she came back to the window she handed me my burger and told me that I was wrong, the burger was made right but she made another one for me anyways. I said that it was not right, its a mushroom and swiss - what I was given was just a swiss. She said they are not supposed to put very many mushrooms on the burgers... once again I pointed out that there were not ANY on the burger. She rolled her eyes and slammed her window in my face. After that i decided to call the manager, having had worked at burger king a few years back I had a feeling it would be pointless because half the time the night manager was scheduled at night for a reason... When i told her what happened, she said "well did we make a new burger for you or not?" Like that was the only thing she got?! Apparently this place thinks it is okay to be rude to customers. Not only will I never go there again, but if I ever see that lady at my place of employment I will make sure to let her know what customer service is...

Rating: 1

HudsonOES Five 21 Restaurant at The Oread

My family of 5 had reservations for the 2011 Thanksgiving Buffet. Took over 15 minutes to be seated as table was not ready. Quite surprised to see plenty of available tables when finally seated. All hot food was COLD and salads were WARM. Told waitress and she asked me if I wanted the manager told. Of course, I said yes. No one returned to the buffet line after the first time. The lack of temperature to the food made us wonder if it would have passed health inspections. The buffet was extremely disappointing for the price! When the check arrived I asked if my concerns had been shared with the manager. I was told they were and then asked if I would like to see if the bill could be adjusted. The manager did not charge us for the drinks! Thank you Five 21 for such a disappointing $114 Thanksgiving meal. Obviously, we will not return.

Rating: 5

daniellindsley Vito's Plumbing

Had an issue with our disposal. Anyone else would have just setup an appointment. Instead he walked me through something simple to try, which got our disposal working again. They're going to get our future calls.