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Rating: 5

smhicks Smashburger

We ate at Smash Burger yesterday evening and the service was AMAZING! The assistant manager (I wish I could remember his name) gave us the best customer service I have seen in a while. He and the other gentleman on staff both were kind, courteous, friendly and welcoming. The food was also very good. I really enjoyed the sweet potato fries. We will definitely visit Smash Burger again.

Rating: 1

dtomatoe K.S.R. Roofing

I have had a very mixed experience with KSR and cannot recommend them. They put on a roof but left parts of the gutter guard off. The roof leaked multiple times. After repeated calls I had another roofer look at it. The photos clearly show parts were not put on with the new roof. I called the owner and have the photos still. Never agreed to take any responsiblity for the missing parts of the roof. Of course I had to have the ceiling fixed as well. Now a home inspector has indicated that the shingle company specification calls for roof vents. When the new roof was put on and bid for that was never recommended. Again a call to the company and again a statement of no responsibility. Small claims court it is with the photos and documentation. How sad to see this type of service.

Jeff Cuttell replies...

Just informing readers that this business is under new ownership as of 2013. He bought the business from the retiring former owner.

Rating: 5

BENZ190 Bigg's Barbeque

Bigg's BBQ is my favorite barbecue restaurant in all of Lawrence. The food is fantastic, and the service the friendliest in town. The pulled pork sandwich is to die for, and the ribs are excellent with wonderful sauces. Be sure and try their sides, as all are home made just like grandmother used to make. Our entire family loves this place for the food and atmosphere. A great place to watch the Jayhawks! Jerry B

Rating: 5

smhicks Ruff Ends Hair Salon

I love Ruff Ends! They are never uptight, always fun, smiling and make you feel at ease. I'm so glad I found Ruff Ends. I recommend everyone give them a try.

Rating: 1

CHKNLTL 23rd Street Brewery

After 2 years I gave your business another chance to properly cook me a Hamburger. Unfortunately, your cooks still think a Hamburger should be PINK and RED inside. What a shame. This is the only place in town that practically promises a bit of food poisoning. I had a waitress bring me the wrong shot of scotch on a separate occasion and then she tried to say that I had to pay $24 for it. Come on! Customers paying for worker mistakes is WRONG!

MattLlewellyn replies...

CHKNL TL, I am so sorry that my cooks did not cook your Hamburger the way you wanted it. I can assure you that we do not want our guests to get food poisoning. We would probably not be in business very long if that was the case. Please feel free to come visit us again. I can assure you that we will not mess it up. If you wish to reveal yourself please feel free to call me at 856.2337 and we will truly guarantee that you have a great experience. Thanks Matt Llewellyn

Rating: 5

lisaborn Ruff Ends Hair Salon

Love, love, love Ruff Ends! I have never had a bad hair cut from there. I trust them completly with my hairstlyle. I even have a sister-in-law that does hair and I only go to Ruff Ends.

Rating: 1

Diva34 First Med Family & Walk-in Care

I recently had a horrible experience at First Med. I felt that based on the fact that I didn't have any health insurance, I was judged and not treated like a patient that may have had insurance. Hart who is listed as an ARNP, treated me as if I was only there for some sort of pain medication, when all I really wanted was an antibiotic for my swollen glands. He didn't ask what was wrong with me, he just read it off the sheet and started off by asking me what I could afford. I had the means to pay for the visit and any tests, but he was very short and at first didn't listen.

Once I explained that I have chronic kidney stones and stated that I have been to a neurologist, he began to listen (kidney stones and swollen glans was the reason for my visit). He debated whether or not to give me any sort of antibiotic and then proceeded to tell me he would prescribe me something that may or may not help. Is this how First Med treats all their patients w/out insurance?

I have friends that go to First Med and have never had a bad experience. I am very upset and disappointed and don't think anyone should be treated that way.

David Dunlap replies...

My apologies to you. Please call our office manager, Sue, to discuss this matter privately. We will do our best to solve any problems in person, over the phone, or by email in the future. We need your help to create a better patient experience when you are not satisfied.

David Dunlap, Owner and Physician

camillia replies...

I agree about Mr. Hart, when I first went he treated me like a drug seeker until I told him about my past diagnosis and surgeries. He had me in tears ready to leave actually. I encourage you to see Dr. Dunlap, he is very nice and understanding. He is my primary now, but my husband has seen 2 Dr.s there who were also outstanding and understanding. Mr. Hart just needs to learn some sensitivity.

Rating: 5

LCCL96 Bambino's Italian Restaurant

Bambinos has gotten bigger and better since the move to their new location. My family and I went to their other location ocasionally because of the great atmosphere and reasonable prices. Now they have a new chef and everything tastes top notch. The specials are amazing and I cannot wait to see what the new chef has in store for their new menu!

Rating: 1

black_butterfly Bambino's Italian Restaurant

I used to be a big fan of Bambino's lunch buffet when they were located on Mass St. I was glad when I heard that they had a Sunday brunch buffet also. I told my children how great Bambino's was and how nice the owner was. We went on a Sunday morning for the buffet. It was late mid-morning but I figured since it was advertised as a "Brunch buffet" we would be okay.I even asked if we still had time to have the brunch buffet because it was around 11. We were told yes. First of all it took us forever to get seated. Then the buffet was picked over and the food was cold. When I inquired if the buffet would be replenished the staff person acted irritated that I had bothered him and said he would go ask the cook if he was going to cook anything else for the buffet. After waiting for quite some time I realized that my family was the only customers who were eating the brunch buffet and customers were coming in to order lunch. I guess since we were the only family eating the brunch buffet we weren't important enough for them to care about the quality of food and the service we were getting. I asked again about the buffet, particularly bacon and biscuts/ gravy. I asked to speak to the owner. Finally someone in a dirty apron (I assume the cook) came out and put more biscuts and gravy out, placing the lid of the warming pan on the FLOOR and then slammed it back on the tray where food was. The owner finally came out and we asked again for bacon. About 15 minutes later the server came out to our table with a plate of about 15 pieces of bacon and said here you guys can just have the whole plate. This was offensive, but we did take the bacon because we had barely eaten anything. The owner gave us $2.00 off each meal which was nice but she acted like we were being unreasonable. Don't advertise a brunch buffet if you are going to be too cheap to keep it stocked until it is over. If they had told us that they don't keep the buffet fully stocked if it is close to lunch time we would have gone elsewhere. Needless to say we will not go back to Bambino's. The only reason why we went is because our favorite breakfast spot, First Watch, had closed down. It's been about 6 weeks since our bad experience at Bambino's and I've lost about 10 lbs since. LOL. First Watch opens back up this weekend! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Rating: 3

John Yocum Milton's

Similar experience on our first time there. Had friends in from out of town. The place was busy and there was a line to get in. We weren't even done with our meal when they brought the checks out to us. Then the wait staff kept coming over every few minutes and taking away any dish they thought we were done with. Kind of rude. Loved the food, but felt they were trying to rush us through. I know how they can handle this! Get a bigger building and more staff.

Rating: 1

ylime3499 Wow!

Confused how they can have 1.5 stars when everyone's given them 1 I to understand then that as more and more people give one star their rating will go up?

We called for service with our internet, because it keeps going in and out. The tech said, and I quote, "It's above my pay grade to know how to fix this... sorry". I about pulled my hair out! Then the company I work for had television service with them at a very good rate, and understandably so, but were recently told the price would be going up, if we kept the same package, 1500%! OR for less 60%!

AT&T here we come!

cphelps replies...

I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with your internet services.
Please DM me with your account information and I will send out a technician who can assist. Rod, our local General Manager, would like to speak with you directly regarding the rate increases that you have mentioned, please call him directly at 785-312-6998.

Rating: 1

alovell91 Wow!

Wow. Knology sure welcomed me to Lawrence.

We purchased a home in Lawrence and are closing in 3 weeks. I tried to establish service this morning and was told that they can't do anything until the current owners of the home that we are buying cancel THEIR account with Knology-- I was told this by a customer service rep and by a supervisor. Nor can they put in a ticket for someone to call me until the current owners cancel their service.

So essentially, Knology is requiring me to take time out of my day to call them several times a week to see if the current owners have cancelled their service before they will even consider establishing an account for my family. I had no issues setting up electric, water, gas, and recycling services, but nope, Knology can't even take my information, because heaven forfend that we get cable service established before we close and move into town. Looks like I will be heading to AT&T for all of my internet and cable TV needs before even becoming a Knology customer. And I thought that Time Warner Cable was bad.

cphelps replies...

I am sorry that you are having difficulties getting your Knology services connected. I want to help.
Please contact me directly at 785-312-6901 and I will assist you in getting your services connected in time to meet your move in deadline. Thank you for your patience. Christina, Knology Marketing

Rating: 5

Ashley Powell Adorable Animal Designs

I searched all over town for an affordable groomer that did a great job and I found it in Adorable Animal Designs. They always work with me to get my schnauzer in and are always very good at explaining what they need to do to get her clean. When I pick her up, she looks great and smells good. She is not overly nervous or anything when she leaves, which I take as a great sign of the good care that Kari and her staff take with the animals. I have recommended this place to many people and they have also been very pleased with the service. Keep up the good work and I will continue bringing my pet in there as long as I am in the area!

Rating: 5

Dave Greenbaum Signs of Life

When you are looking for a inspirational place to have a cup of coffee or get a little work done, Signs of Life is a great destination. They use PT’s Coffee which is made right in Topeka, Kansas. They have an excellent selection of seasonal and traditional beverages such as lattes and mochas. Bottomless cups of coffee are always appreciated and this is one of the few places you can get decaf at night. I always find that funny ‘cause you want a non-caffeine option at night, not during the day, but that’s just me.

The place can get busy and most seating is small tables so it’s hard if you are looking to accommodate a large study group. During peak times the Internet can be spotty. A small “cozy’ area has a few large chairs and a couch.

Along with your coffee and other drinks, they have a variety of backed goods made locally or regionally and in particular povitica bread, the yummy Eastern European ethnic treat. They are one of the only places I’ve seen it at in Lawrence and it’s a treat not to be missed.

Staff is friendly and helpful and they don’t make you carry around a punch card: they track it all on their computer. Nice! Oh and they are a Lawrence Giveback member as well.

I’ve been upstairs to the art gallery and it’s a wonderful space and a key part of the Lawrence Art Scene. The bookstore aspect of it has a Christian focus, but they have a variety of secular books. Although it is a religious bookstore, if that’s not your thing, don’t let it get in the way. Nobody is going to preach to you there or try to convert you. Everyone is welcome here!

For obvious reasons, they are closed on Sundays.

Jessica Schilling replies...

True, the Internet can be a bit touchy if the place packed, but if you sit downstairs the signal's almost always strong. They've also recently added baked goods from Pink Box Bakery - cream cheese danish is fantastic!

Mondays, there are free tango dancing lessons upstairs in the gallery at 8 p.m.

Rating: 5

penguin04 Oriental Bistro & Grill

We used to go to Wa for our sushi and will never go back. Oriental Bistro is amazing! I would like to try some of their other dishes but their sushi is SO good that I can't bring myself to get anything but it. Atmosphere is great and service is always friendly!

Rating: 3

penguin04 La Parrilla

I agree with a lot of the other posts. I love La Parilla but not crazy about their change to a full service restaurant.

Rating: 5

penguin04 Burger Stand at The Casbah

Love the Burger Stand! Used to go when it was at Dempsey's and feel like it is just as good, if not better, since it has moved to the Casbah. Service is always great (I usually ask for off the wall combinations and they always oblige). Price is a little high, but most of the trendy restaurants downtown are. Poutine fries are amazing! We always take out of town guests there.

Rating: 4

penguin04 Bambino's Italian Restaurant

Have been to Bambinos several times since they have moved to their new location. Service has always been good but their food can sometimes be hit or miss. Bruschetta is great, but either our server messed up our order or they don't know what cavatelli is. Sometimes their breadsticks are awesome and other times they are hard as a rock. Lawrence is in desperate need of a reasonably price, homestyle Italian restaurant and we're hoping that Bambinos can fill that void. They need more pasta specials and a good side salad with their pasta dishes, but food is pretty good other than that.

Rating: 5

tcbo Stuart Chiropractic Health Center

Dr. Stuart has been caring for our entire family for over a year now. We started visiting him when we were told that our youngest daughter needed to have tubes in her ears. After the first couple of visits, we could already see the benefits of his chiropractic care. He even met us on a Sunday evening at his office to do an adjustment for both of our daughters when they became sick over the weekend. Needless to say, it has been over a year and our daughter has not had surgery because Dr. Stuart has helped her so much.
Both Dr. Stuart and his secretary are the most kind and caring people we have met in the health care industry. They are flexible with our schedules and go the extra mile to help outside their normal business hours. We truly consider them as part of our family and our girls continually ask when they get to go see, "Dr. Stu" again? This is definitely the best chiropractic office in town!

Rating: 5

mmw Stuart Chiropractic Health Center

Dr. Stuart has been extremely caring and helpful to my entire family since we started going to him six years ago. He treats my son for asthma and allergies and he no longer needs an inhaler. When my daughter injured her ankle at school he came out to my car and carried her in. He has always been honest and I am grateful for his care and genuine concern for our health.