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Rating: 5

John Hamm Automotive Machine & Performance

Knowledgeable and very helpful.

Rating: 1

Clint Poteete Wakarusa Veterinary Hospital

If you're looking for a vet, keep looking. You would be better off treating your own animal than leaving it to Dr. Marks (lots of information for home surgery on the internet). He charged $500 for a surgery on my dog. Days later I took the dog to a specialist who said the surgery was never performed. He is either a liar, totally incompetent, or both (I'll go with both). This office cares a lot about your money, but you and your animal not so much. You would like to think people like Dr. Marks don't exist, but unfortunately they are everywhere, and if you love your pet this is especially sad.

Rating: 5

MrLe PDS Moving Delivery & Storage

Super service! Would definitely recommend this company to anyone.

Rating: 1

stopbeingsomean Burger King

I decided to go to burger king tonight and it was a big mistake. I ordered the mushshroom and swiss burger and when i got home I realized that they did not put any mushrooms on it. So i went back. When i told the lady what was wrong she acted annoyed. When she came back to the window she handed me my burger and told me that I was wrong, the burger was made right but she made another one for me anyways. I said that it was not right, its a mushroom and swiss - what I was given was just a swiss. She said they are not supposed to put very many mushrooms on the burgers... once again I pointed out that there were not ANY on the burger. She rolled her eyes and slammed her window in my face. After that i decided to call the manager, having had worked at burger king a few years back I had a feeling it would be pointless because half the time the night manager was scheduled at night for a reason... When i told her what happened, she said "well did we make a new burger for you or not?" Like that was the only thing she got?! Apparently this place thinks it is okay to be rude to customers. Not only will I never go there again, but if I ever see that lady at my place of employment I will make sure to let her know what customer service is...

Rating: 1

HudsonOES Five 21 Restaurant at The Oread

My family of 5 had reservations for the 2011 Thanksgiving Buffet. Took over 15 minutes to be seated as table was not ready. Quite surprised to see plenty of available tables when finally seated. All hot food was COLD and salads were WARM. Told waitress and she asked me if I wanted the manager told. Of course, I said yes. No one returned to the buffet line after the first time. The lack of temperature to the food made us wonder if it would have passed health inspections. The buffet was extremely disappointing for the price! When the check arrived I asked if my concerns had been shared with the manager. I was told they were and then asked if I would like to see if the bill could be adjusted. The manager did not charge us for the drinks! Thank you Five 21 for such a disappointing $114 Thanksgiving meal. Obviously, we will not return.

Rating: 5

daniellindsley Vito's Plumbing

Had an issue with our disposal. Anyone else would have just setup an appointment. Instead he walked me through something simple to try, which got our disposal working again. They're going to get our future calls.

Rating: 5

KILY Border Bandido

You have to go in and try one of their burrito's. Skip the Taco Bar and get a Texas Burrito. It's a ten inch burrito that is huge, and I've lied about inches before and this one is for real. I get mine with the beans and meat, or the beans and chicken with queso. The best around. Don't try a Super Burrito, it'll leave you cryin' for your Momma. Their hours are a head scratcher. The owner is kind of old and doesn't want to work a whole lot, so it's kind of a hit and miss deal. Not open on Sundays. I miss that because the burrito's are great hangover food. Their sign says they've been open for 40 years.

Rating: 3

ysnot Shamrock Tree Service, Inc.


Rating: 2

figurefave Wow!

If I had a nickel for every time I couldn't connect to the internet through Knology's Palladium package, I would never have to pay my overpriced bill out of my own pocket again.

Rating: 5

Brian Killen Westside 66 and Car Wash

I've taken my cars to Westside 66 for years. I've always been treated fairly and honestly by their skilled technicians. My cars have always left fixed!!

Rating: 5

Eddie Muñoz Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar

THE place in Lawrence to watch the NFL on Sundays.

IslandBug replies...

Not on Saturday nights. They change the games before they are over to UFC fights, even though the sign on the door and the person answering the phone clearly states that the games will be covered until the end. Games turned off in the 3rd quarter.

Rating: 5

sschmitt Handcrafted: A Photography & Design Studio

Whitney really worked with us on a perfect package for our wedding day on 11-11-11. We had a tight budget and could only spend a certain amount and Whitney really worked with us on building a perfect and affordable package for our day. One the actual day she arrived early and got started right away on photos of the bridesmaid and myself! She had some great ideas for the shots as well as the lighting and made it as simple as possible. Afterwards we focused on wedding party and family pics and she really knew how to get everyone in line and got some great shots in a time crunch. She had pics up on her Facebook page with in 1 DAY!!! I just love all of the shots. I would 100% recommend Whitney to anyone looking for a wedding photographer! She is prompt, professional, affordable, creative and super nice!! I will for sure be booking her for more photo sessions in the future!!!!!

  • Sarah Schmitt
Rating: 5

yfzbanshee Game Guy Video Games

Does good work, Has cheap prices, and lots of selection!

Rating: 1

KJ Whitehair Saints Pub + Patio

Rating: 2

kessman Paisano's Ristorante

avg at best.sauce big deal here.noodles over cooked.

PaisanosRistorante replies...

We are sorry to hear that you did not enjoy your dish. Please tell us what sauce and noodle you received so that we may examine correcting the problem. Thanks for your patronage.

Rating: 3

oldtobe Paisano's Ristorante

Until dining there last night I would have agreed with ChootemLiz. But for some reason chef feels that double breading the veal parmigiana somehow improves the dish. It does not. A 1/2 inch thick coating of breading only served to hide the flavor of the veal. I'll definitely not order the parmigiana again if it is prepared in that fashion.

Justin Lee replies...

This was an error in communication between chef and crew. It has been corrected.

Rating: 5

MorningGlory Adorable Animal Designs

I recommend Adorable Animal Design to all my friends. I trust that my dog is in good hands. After a couple of cuts we now both know what works best for my dog and I appreciate their willingness to work with me and provide the cut I want during different times of the year. I won't take my dog anywhere else.

Rating: 5

PenKat Meadowbrook Apartments and Townhomes

I have lived in Meadowbrook for over four years now. I originally moved here to escape the dorms until I finished school and I had planned on moving once I was done, but I stayed because it is a wonderful place to live. The apartments are really nice with plenty of space. The maintenance guys are amazing and the staff has always been helpful with anything I've needed. The amenities are great. I love being able to walk across the street and go swimming or stop by the gym for a quick workout. Plus, the meadow out in front is a great place to have a picnic in the summer. One of my professors lives here too, which is sort of neat and tells you a lot about how nice it is here. My favorite thing though is just how beautiful the area is. I love walking through the neighborhood and taking pictures, especially in the spring and fall. I plan on living here as long as possible.

Rating: 5

FuzzyinLawrence Fuzzy's Taco Shop

Hey, Larry, we take your review to heart and are glad you'll be back to give us another try. We believe if we do Fuzzy's right you'll love it. Please give us a heads up the next time you're here. We'd really like to meet you. Ask for Jennifer, Spencer or John. As for the paint job, you are very astute. We took on the chore as a family and probably got more paint on ourselves than the walls.

Rating: 5

dboyder222 Dave Jensen Painting

They did an Excellent job!!!! The paint crew showed up when I was told they would and completed ahead of schedule. I was very impressed with the final product especially because they did it for less than other companies had quoted me!