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Rating: 5

foodfan Casa Agave Authentic Mexican Restaurant and Cantina

This restaurant is fantastic. I tell all of my friends about it because it's so unique. The cole slaw mixture that they serve with the chips and salsa is delicious. I bring different people whenever Mexican food comes up. Ruby has been our waitress a few times, and she is fabulous! Keep it up!

Rating: 5

foodfan Burger Stand at The Casbah

Always consistantly amazing. LOVE this place.

Rating: 1

foodfan Bambino's Italian Restaurant

Rating: 4

foodfan Anglers Seafood

I have eaten there three times now. I really love the food, and it has great flavor. The last time I went was rather frustrating because they were all out of the appetizer and entree that I had originally ordered. (Which was fine because I love all seafood and had no problem finding another dish). They were also out of the beer that my friend ordered. However, the martini that I had and the appetizer and entree I ended up eating were all phenomenal. GREAT service too.

Rating: 5

rlauram Steve's Auto Plaza Body Shop

These guys are awesome! I hade an excellent experience with Steve's. They worked out all of the details with the insurance company, kept me well informed of what was going on with my car, and even made arrangements for me to stop in before they were open to get the estimate on my car. By the way my car looks just like new. Keep up the great work!

Rating: 5

rlauram Pro-Cuts

StrongThose are my girls, they have been there for years and know me by name. I love to go in get my hair done, eyebrows waxed, and just dish with the girls. I have never ever left having a bad experience.

Rating: 1

New2Larry Paisano's Ristorante

Never again... The atmosphere is just adiquate, my vodka martini was so watered down I could hardly tell there was any vodka in it. The salad consisted of wet lettuce with a few olives, a few strands of shredded purple cabbage and a sprinkle of soggy crutons with barely a drizzle of dressing, and the only redeeming quality of the bread was it was warm. The service was extremely slow, so much so that two members of my party complained, resluting with only slightly better service. I can't personally comment on the food as I had to leave before it arrived, well over an hour after arriving at my table, but the comments concerning the other three dishes orded by the remainder of the party indicated that the food was mediocre, undercooked, or too salty. I know I am a minority, but Italian is not my favorite cuisine, therefore I am hard to impress. Considering the rest of my experience, I am sure I would have been equally disappointed.

Rating: 3

aishahhils Fat Freddy's Pizza and Wings

i moved to lawrence about five or six months ago and i order from fat freddy's at least once a week. it used to be amazing and it's still the only place i'll order delivery from. the people who work there are very courteous and the food usually arrives within an hour. however, in the last couple of months the quality of the food has just gone down the drain - lots of cold, rubbery sandwiches, missing items, and soggy appetizers. they still have the best pizza in town but the main reason i love them is because of the variety of their menu and almost everything else on the menu has been sucking lately! please bring back the hot, tasty deliciousness fat freddy's is known for.

slvrntrt replies...

Yeah, I got some nasty food that was all wrong the last time I ordered too. The guy who answered the phone was wasted. :-/

FatFreddy replies...

Why don't you call me and talk to me? I'm almost always at the store. Or you could post your comment on FaceBook. I check that daily. I'm tired of checking this epically awful slow moving blog which only seems to generate negative comments. Fat Freddy's is here to stay. Sales are up over 55% from last year. I challenge any business in Lawrence to beat that kind of growth. But with growth comes growing pains...i.e. late deliveries, and cold food. I can't predict the future, not yet, but when I can, you will start receiving your deliveries before you get hungry. I'm also working on a teleportation device to save labor cost on delivery drivers and decrease delivery times. Please stop flaming me. I'm just a guy trying to make a living.

impaul4 replies...

Are you crapping me Fred? You have been Fat Freddy's for a couple years, of course sales are up a ridiculous amount. You're new you went from $0- now. For a "business owner" your logic is terrible. And when a company grows the service gets worse and the food also? Are you f&$%ing stupid? I challenge you to stay in business past the end of this year. Bet you won't make it.

FatFreddy replies...

Challenge accepted! Now let's set some terms. If somehow I manage to stay in business until the end of this year December 31st, 2012, you will intern for me for 6 months for free. After that time is up, you will then retract your statement, make a public apology, stand on Mass, in February, with no pants, holding a sign that says, "Fat Freddy was right. It's hard to predict the future." If I lose...well then I will have squandered the best opportunity that has or will ever come my way.

I will check back on this "Hater's Blog" in a few months.

Peace and Chicken Grease,


impaul4 replies...

You've raised the prices twice in the last 9 months and you started charging for delivery. Tell me again how awesome your business is going?

Rating: 1

CooleyLackey Aneita's Alterations & Sew Forth


I walked into the store and the clerk was unpleasant and looked as if she wanted me to leave.

I asked for her to shorten my pants by an inch and she threw the pants back at me disgusted and said my pants were dirty and needed to be laundered before she could do anything to them....and my pants were freshly laundered!!!

My pants are very old and should have been tailored years ago, so naturally the bottoms are stained and torn...the whole reason I decided to go there. She insisted they were worn (duh!) and not clean (untrue!) and coldly said in a loud voice, "That's store policy!" All the other clerks working in the back stared at me disgusted that I would bring dirty pants to the store (but again they were washed and hadn't been worn since!)

I don't think this women knows anything about material either. These pants are painted and the color fades easily so that's also what she was seeing. I was so mad and humiliated I walked out before I could tell her that.

I visited another tailor down the street who was shocked the mean queens at Aneita's said my pants were dirty. She said she could tell they were clean, just old and well-worn and that the material is painted and had faded. This other person finished my job well and on the spot (!) and charged a lot cheaper too.

Avoid Aneita's, their ignorant staff, and their mean, belittling and humiliating ways of treating customers.

Rating: 5

RichardKUAlumni Bambino's Italian Restaurant

Thanks Bambino's. My family and I have been going to the Bam. for years, even when they were on Mass. If you have not been to the new location, it's to die for. The old location was small this place is big with a nice looking bar area and outside patio. To me the service and food got way better. The food is not only good they give a good portion to fill you. The price is very reasonable. I also like the new mood, paintings right on the walls, and music they play. Speaking of music a few weeks back we went their I beleave it was a Saturday night and they had a live musician playing great guitar and some original songs. If I had any complain it would be that they don't have more than one location in town. Lawrence could use more restaurants like this. Thank's Bambino's

Rating: 5

ecm5119 Pawsh Wash

Really love this place! You have the choice to use their self-serve wash stations or just leave your pup and let them take care of the dirty work. Decent prices and they are a Lawrence GB Merchant!

Rating: 1

sarahmc14 Hair Experts Salon and Spa

Absolute worst place I have ever been to. My sisters were in town and decided to get their hair colored while visiting. I ran errands with my mom and were very surprised when we came back. The work was good, but they charged too much. They did "treatments" on their hair without telling them and one girl told them she just wanted to see how their hair looked with a curl in it...then charged a styling fee! What should have been around 100 dollars quickly turned into over 200. Do not go here. You will be overcharged and leaving with a 16 dollar pureology treatment.

Rating: 1

jayhawkgolfer09 University Tow & Recovery LLC

Truly horrible. The guy who drives the tow truck, who is also co-owner I believe, is both unprofessional and unfriendly. Make this place an absolute last resort if your car is in need of towing.

Rating: 5

BadWeather Free State Brewing Co

Free State is a Lawrence staple, you have to go here when in Lawrence. Their food is so good and of course the beer is awesome! It is always busy but that's means they're good and worth the wait.

Rating: 5

BadWeather 23rd Street Brewery

I've always had great, hot food there. I've had their pizza, mac & cheese, turkey wrap, fish & chips and other dishes as well and I've always liked them. I love their beers, I have a growler I like it so much.

Rating: 1

lukasmay Academy Cars Service

BEWARE OF SERVICE DEPARTMENT! I had a rack and pinion put on my vehicle a couple of months ago, and upon getting it back, my vehicle has had a knocking noise when braking. I took it back to the the service department repeatedly (atleast 5 times), they even ordered what they called a "special tool", and they still were not able to find the cause of the knocking noise. Finally I gave up and eventually took my vehicle to Briggs auto, and they diagnosed the problem immediately: Academy Cars had loosened the cradle to install the rack and pinion and failed to tighten it back up, therefore it was moving back and forth upon moving and braking. I called Academy Cars multiple times to tell them about their mistake, and everytime I called they told me they would speak with their people and get back to me. Well guess what, they never got back to me. I spoke with Lizz, very rude, no call back. Vanessa, very friendly, but still no call back and finally Debbie, whom is in management....and still no call back. Obviously they DO NOT care about their customers, and their service department is incompetent. DO NOT go here unless you would like to get a vehicle back that may possibly be loose and fall apart. Sorry but I'm telling it the way it is, I had to pay over $100 bucks to diagnose and fix a problem that this shop caused...and all I wanted was someone to atleast get back with me about the issue but that was too much to ask. This service department should not be in business.

Academy Cars replies...

Heather, please give me a call, 785 691 8002, and I need to set a time to visit about the root cause of your issues with my service dept, I look forward to the opportunity to alleviate your consternation! Thanks Lonnie Blackburn

Rating: 1

lukasmay Academy Cars

Academy Cars replies...

We would love to help you with any complaints. Let us know so we can better improve ourselves. Call, 785-841-0102 or e-mail,

We would be grateful to you

Rating: 5

amyhaakecreativ Edie Insurance Group

Brian Edie is great to work with. And I feel very secure that he is in Lawrence should we need assistance with our cars or home. I would highly recommend Edie Insurance.