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douglas1290 Wireless Restore Inc.

I came in today for the Grand Opening 12/27/2011 with my broken cell phone, You guys rock, took it and fixed it while I was there and the price was very reasonable. I am glad to finally have a local place for all of my needs you guys will be seeing me again and I have already given your name to all of my friends! Thanks.

wendywantto replies...

you can sooo tell that the owner wrote this! lol

baker1 replies...

You truly sound like someone who needs help in life have you heard the phrase before: Its better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt? You Might wanna think a minute about that one!

baker1 replies...

By the way Wendy that comments for you!

Rating: 2

bmoody51 WheatFields Bakery Café

Bread is great....Service sucks

lawrenceguy11 replies...

I totally agree. I've basically stopped going because of the snotty attitude of some of their staff.

Rating: 1

Matthew Herbert Ace Plumbing & Sewer Service

Called Ace's appliance division to fix a stove. 3 visits and 32 days later the stove is still broken. Now I have to sue to get my money back

Rating: 1

KansasGurl Dale Willey Automotive

We saw a crossover advertised by Dale Willey of Lawrence, that we were interested in and it was in our price range. I called to inquire, and at first they said the car was sold, then after a few more questions they said it hadn't sold, but they'd raised the price about $750. They did say they would honor the price they had advertised on Autotrader. My husband and I traveled to Lawrence to drive the crossover, and liked it. We went home and checked it out on CarFax and found out it had been in an accident involving front and rear impact (reducing the value of the car by $980). We called and told them that we had discovered the car's history, were still interested, but would want our mechanic to look it over, and would expect the final price to reflect what we had discovered (if we still wanted it). They said they would work with us. I arranged to pick the car up at 1 on a Saturday to take it to our mechanic. When I was almost to Lawrence, my husband called me; they had called to inform us they had let someone else test drive the car. No problem, that shouldn't take long. I continued toward town and called the dealer, they said they couldn't guarantee when it would be back. Okay, I asked them to call me when/if it was available. I had Christmas shopping to do. They called at 2:30, (I was about ready to leave town), to say the car was back. I informed the young man dealing with us that now it would be difficult for me to take it to our small town 40 miles away, and get it back before closing, since we had a meeting that evening. He said he'd talk to his manager and they'd probably let us keep it over the weekend (I offered to bring it back the next day). I headed back to the dealership, the car was there, I went in, sat down and the young man informed me that his manager had decided that if we took the car over the weekend they would not be willing to negotiate the price. I would have to agree to pay the price we'd had seen on the internet with him immediately, before having our mechanic check it out! I stood up to leave - I'd wasted enough time with this outfit. The manager (or whoever Danny is) came out and reiterated their conditions. I asked him why they didn't just tell me that in the first place, I wouldn't have wasted my time waiting. I ended up leaving, never to return! I think you can draw your own conclusions regarding this car dealership from what I've recounted of our experience. Certainly not a dealership that I would ever trust to do business with. We now have a used Saturn Outlook that we got at a good price, from someone who truly wanted our business, and that we found we could trust.

lawrenceres33 replies...

I've delt with Dale Willey for years and have never had a bad experience! It's easy for people to leave a bad comment but what about all of the good?

Rating: 1

Kimberly Grosse Jiffy Lube

I would give no stars if I could. I came to this Jiffy Lube location last Friday for an oil change. They called when servicing my car to attempting to up-sale the service stating my anti-freeze read as "deemed unsafe". I've done some research to find no information on coolant ever being unsafe. I find this particularly odd because my radiator was just replaced with all new fluid only a month ago. During this phone call I first noticed the severe problem with their phone system. During the whole conversation there was a clicking problem that made it extremely hard to communicate. I When I came to pick up my car they informed me that their credit card machine was down. They admitted to me they should have informed me when I arrived that I would need another source for payment. I didn't have one- and explained I had an appointment that I needed to get to so they allowed me to take my car without payment with promise I'd return before they closed at 7. It was 5 then. They called me literally every three-five minutes from the time I left until 6:30 when I was done with my appointment and was able to answer. Apparently their machine had begin working so I paid by phone. The person I talked to had just finished telling me how his supervisor was "coming down" on him for having so many open tickets. I told him I realized the problem with the machine was out of his control but I didn't feel like they were dealing with it in a professional way and I wanted to speak to his manager. He then told me HE was the manager. I expressed my complaints to him, including their phone problem, calmly and he said "God, girl! I don't need you yelling at me. I already have all of these people threatening to kick my ass. I'll be contacting the police department to deal with you." I asked him his reasoning for contacting the police after I had already paid for a $65 oil change (I've never had to pay this much for an oil change before by the way. I don't even know what services I was paying for as they wouldn't print out a ticket for me while I was there.) I told him I felt that it was my responsibility as a customer to let the manager know when I'm not happy with their service. He barely apologized for the inconveniences. Mostly made excesses. He apparently never called the police as he threatened. I'm not sure what they could do anyway. He did offer me coupons I'll never use- as I'll never return to this jiffy lube again. Save yourself a huge headache and stay away from this place!

Rating: 3

Kimberly Grosse Jiffy Lube

I wrote a comment here before realizing there were two Jiffy Lube locations. Oops! I haven't been to this location but had awful service at the Iowa location.

Rating: 5

LilianSix Action Plumbing

I have used Action Plumbing since a year ago. The first time, I had a problem with the soft water machine. The plumber who came was on time, courteous and very knowledgeable. He not only repaired the soft water machine, but instructed me how to get clean water in my jacuzzi by drawing the water from the top layer of the water in the heater. He also showed me how to bypass the soft water machine, when I water the yard. We draw water from a well and the sprinkler system draws soft water. I have been extremely pleased with Action Plumbing. The person answering the telephone at 843-5670 is polite and friendly.

Rating: 3

Demerit Third Planet Imports

I think it's a decent place.

Not sure where Nicole's used to shopping, but it's not Walmart. So, probably not many "Great Value" prices there.

I spent $11 on a glazed, clay incense holder and felt pretty good with the purchase.

When I've asked for help, I received it. So, I have no complaints with the "customer service experience".

Heading off to there, now.

Rating: 5

goinpro25 Park Lanes

Park Lanes is FANTASTIC! It's NEWLY remodeled, very clean and kept up well everytime we go there, and the entire staff is FANTASTIC! We go there all the time with the kids and absolutely love it. The kid's birthday parties are fantastic too, the kids just love it. For our little one, they have the automatic bumpers that go up and down automatically, and they even have dragon ramps for the little kids. If you have not been to Park Lanes you must check them out. Prices are very good too. Thanks again Park Lanes for being such a great and fun place to come too

Rating: 5

Britpain Free State Auto Works

The very best customer service I have ever had. Don is so nice & honest. He remembers my kids & always says hi to them or asks how they are doing. (I am only in there 2-3 times a year) The last time I was there he even did the work on my car. He even gave me directions & stopping points to check out for the road trip we are taking to Florida this winter. Don makes it feel less like I'm getting my car fixed & more like I'm going to see a friend.

Rating: 5

mh_2246 First Med Family & Walk-in Care

I am very impressed by the team at First Med. I was recently in with my son after I was unable to get in to see my regular pediatrican (they didn't have any appts for over a month). We walked in late one afternoon and were seen almost immediately, even without an appt! The front desk staff was quick and polite and everyone was very friendly. I felt that all my questions were addressed in depth and the doctor took his time to examine my child and asked alot of questions about his overall health, He let me know what my options were for treatment and was helpful in explaining the medications and follow up care. It was the best experience I have had in a long time at a doctors office and we will definitely be back.

Rating: 5

waitjustaminute Wakarusa Veterinary Hospital

We have been taking our pets to Dr. Marks / Wakarusa Veterinary Hospital since 1986 (when they were located at 31st and Iowa.) Great personal service, great care to our animals, and all recommended / promised treatment has been delivered in a professional and compassionate manner. We would highly, and I mean highly, recommend this vet.

Rating: 1

ssargdons Budget Car and Truck Rental

During my interactions with Budget, I felt like I was in a very bad TV commercial. I reserved a truck online two weeks prior to my move from Lawrence to Oregon. When I arrived at Budget to pick up the truck, I asked to see the truck and its mileage prior to renting it. Since I was making a cross-country trek, I needed to know the truck was reliable. The clerk condescendingly said to me, "It's a perfectly fine truck, sir." I said that I understood that, but I was spending a lot of money on the truck (about $1,800) and going a long ways and I needed to see it. He took me out back and pointed to two small trucks, neither of which were the 24 footer I had reserved. It turns out the "perfectly fine truck" was nowhere to be found. The clerk called to get some answers, but instead he got his boss's voicemail. I waited for half an hour in the lobby without any answers or sympathy from the clerk. The other clerk on duty sat there cursing his management and said they had no idea what they have to go through on a daily basis. That left me wondering if they had any idea what I had to go through. Needless to say, I left for U-haul at 6th & Kasold. Luckily, they have a price match guarantee and they even gave me a 26 footer for my 24 foot Budget reservation. During the U-Haul transaction, the clerk from Budget called to let me know the truck was somewhere in Kansas City being "worked on" and it would "probably be ready" for me to pick up later in the day. I guess he thought I was supposed to drop everything on my schedule and wait around for a reservation I made two weeks ago. I wish I would have read the 5/13/11 review from "jane" below and not even bothered with Budget. I recommend staying away from Budget at all costs and going with a (relatively) reputable/reliable brand in U-Haul, Penske or others.

Rating: 5

Sara Wolfe Englewood Florist

I received flowers from Englewood for my birthday today and they are BREATHTAKING! It is quite honestly the most unique and beautiful arrangement I have ever received. The florist even used bamboo shoots in the arrangement which is something I have not seen before. I also love it because I know my boss, who got me the flowers, used her Lawrence GiveBack card which means that as an added bonus, a local charity in town got a donation out of it, too. Awesome!

Rating: 5

JamesH Keith Jones DDS

My sojourns into the realms of dentistry before I met Dr. Keith Jones had been , shall we say , less than stellar. So much so that I had developed a real fear of all dentists and looked upon them as blood kin to the Spanish Inquisitors. So great was my mental block that it rivaled Gibraltar in its solidarity and the very thought of sitting in the chair waiting for a tooth to be filled sent my flesh to crawling. Upon the insistence of my wife, I made an appointment with Dr. Jones. Had the decision been mine alone I would have endured the ach in my jaw in the mistaken belief that it would somehow mend itself. What I found at 647 Country Club Terrace changed my outlook and put my fears to rest. 
These folks are friendly, professional, and show a tangible pride in the service they provide. 
They will not settle for anything but the best. Often going the second mile to make sure their client is given every consideration. I have had extensive work done under the care of these folks and look on them as friends. You can do no better than Keith Jones and his staff. In this matter my bark is every bit as good as my bite.

Rating: 5

CharlesB Keith Jones DDS

Our entire family have been patients of Dr. Keith Jones at the Lawrence Dental Center for many years. I cannot imagine having to find another dentist. Dr. Jones uses the finest materials that money can buy, as well as incorporating the very latest technology available in the practice of dentistry. His "chairside manner" is second to none. The staff is friendly, efficient, and accommodating. We have referred several people to Dr. Jones and have never heard even one complaint. We appreciate the professionalism of Dr. Jones and his entire staff.

Rating: 5

ShirleyW Keith Jones DDS

From the minute you open the door to the office you'll have a great experience. The staff at Dr. Jones office are not only professional but, caring and friendly. I really appreciate the individualized care from both Dr. Jones and his staff. 
Dr. Jones is the best! I can highly recommend him especially if you have any fear of being in a dental office. I have been a patient of his for 4 years. He is gentle, caring and has a passion for what he does.He has always provided me with high quality dentistry and does excellent work. He believes in taking the time to listen fully and carefully to my individual needs and explains in an effective and simple way for me to understand. I started with crowns on my front teeth during early childhood and I have had two sets of crowns from my teens and adult life. Over a year ago my crowns on my front teeth were worn and really needed to be replaced. Dr. Keith Jones gave me my smile back. I am so happy and proud of the new crowns that I smile all the time now. Thank you Dr. Keith Jones!

Rating: 1

Ryaubee Wow!

Knology is an absolute joke. I have lived in Lawrence for 4 years, and have not once had a semester of even decent connection. Weekly, my internet dies and I continue week after week calling Knology, only to be told that they have nothing they can do. They are more expensive than any other provider I have ever used, yet gives me the worst service.

Needless to say, I was booing the loudest at Legends of the Phog when the Knology mascot was on the court. It's bad enough that knology screw me over with my internet, now they're trying to ruin KU basketball as well. I pray to never see a Knology mascot on the legendary Allen Fieldhouse court ever again.