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Rating: 5

rlvalburg Fred's Tune-Up

I've been taking vehicles to Fred and Jake since 1997, originally on the recommendation of a friend that rebuilt cars as a hobby, and had Jake fix his own car when he didn't have time to tear into it himself. They're very honest (ladies, no need to send your guy friend in pretending to own your'll get the same price as the guys, and if you don't understand exactly what the broken piece is or how it's resulting in the weird noise, Jake is a pro at drawing pictures of what he's going to need to do and not making me feel like an idiot in the process), treat you the same whether your car has 350,000 miles on it, or 30,000 (I've taken both in, and they realize that it's of utmost importance to you regardless of what it looks like), and the prices are fair (my dad thinks they're a good deal, and he's still mad that pop isn't a nickel anymore). Not the shiniest, swankiest shop in town, but if you're looking for fair prices on high quality work from guys that care, give 'em a try.

Rating: 5

DBKS Green Room Salon

The BEST salon in Lawrence. Trendy without being stuffy, pretentious or intimidating. The staff is friendly and helpful and NOT pushy--I've never been pushed to try or buy a product. The stylists help you find the best cut and style for your hair and lifestyle (and styling abilities!) while also keeping your tastes and wishes in mind. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Rating: 1

bshm Wow!

There's really nothing good I can say about Knology, and I've been using them since before Knology purchased Sunflower Broadband. First of all, their internet services are absolutely TERRIBLE! Currently I'm paying $45 for 10 Mbps down and 512 kbps up, which is a joke. Their speeds and bandwidth "restrictions" have probably stayed the same since 1998. Unfortunately there aren't really any better options at this point in time for internet in Lawrence, but once Verizon FiOS (or a similar company) comes in I will be switching immediately. As for Knology's TV services, thankfully I made the switch to DirecTV about a week ago. Now I'm getting 30+ more channels (including HBO, Starz, Cinemax, Shotime) and 40+ more HD channels and a lot better picture quality for less than I was paying Knology (and that's after my 12 month introductory rates expire). Lastly, Knology's customer service is atrocious--especially since all of my calls are now directed to Atlanta. When I called to cancel my TV services I made it very clear that I wanted to cancel just my TV services and not my internet service. And what did I notice the next morning? My TV service was indeed off, but my internet service was shut off as well. When I called to fix this problem I was told that my internet was shut off (and could not be turned back on) because I owned $1200 for my HD-DVR equipment that I have yet to turn in--even though I had just canceled my TV service at 10 PM the night before. When I called my "customer service representative" on this she quickly changed her story and then proceeded to tell me that she couldn't figure out why my internet service was off but would forward it on to another department. Finally, after 7 hours and two more calls to the great state of Georgia, I was able to get my internet turned back on. Knology thinks we are stupid and that we won't realize the fact that they very rarely update their services (especially internet) but increase their fees. Avoid Knology at all costs if you can! And hope that their Lawrence monopoly on cable ends very, very soon.

Rating: 1

ceesquare Price's Appliance Repair

Repairman said he fixed it, but he didn't. Had to have it replaced. Uncaring attitude as well.

Rating: 5

widget10 OnSite Computer Help

Noah Benham is a tremendous computer support person; he is patient and understanding and does not make me feel stupid when I ask questions. He is a hard worker and always calls before he arrives, is on time, and stays on task while he is in my home. His knowledge of computers is impressive, and he knows when he is not able to do a particular task. I would recommend him highly.

Rating: 5

Marty Henderson Fuzzy's Taco Shop

I have eaten there 3 times and it has always been great... Restaurants in this town have quite a difficult and discerning crowd to please. Give it a try!

Rating: 3

jd Fuzzy's Taco Shop

Tried them for the first time and ordered the fish tacos. It was mainly shredded lettuce with minimum fish. The fish had good flavor, they just needed to put more in and scale back the bag lettuce. The salsa was excellent, very good flavor. Unfortunately the basket of chips looked like the end of the bag where 'contents may have settled during transit', it was all pieces hardly big enough to dip in the salsa.

These are quality control issues that they need to take care of.

Rating: 3

slvrntrt Fat Freddy's Pizza and Wings

Super awesome pizzas and cheese sticks! The wings were pretty tasty too.

Rating: 5

WMDunn 715

I have only been here once, on a date with my wife (one of those precious few we get as parents). It was a great experience, and we expect to return for our anniversary next weekend. It is the closest experience to an evening out in New York City as we've gotten since we left there, and I can offer no higher compliment than that. Terrific food, (not exceptional, but) alright service, and the best atmosphere in town. Kudos to the management and the team there.

Rating: 5

salmon12 Amyx Barber Shop

Great haircut! I wasn't sure that they did women's cuts, but they do and do them well! Highly recommended!

Rating: 5

trevorku Basil Leaf Cafe

Great place and truly outstanding food, even when they are off it's better than most places when they are on the mark. Been eating here since they opened and hope they find a bigger space soon love to see what they could do in a real dining establishment. Never had a disappointing or bad meal though my lasagna seemed rather salty this last week someone must of tipped over the salt jar in the meat or sauce. Like I said though great food even when their off its still good for me check them out give it a try.Sure do miss the breakfast potatoes and breakfast lasgna though should do it for a lunch special sometime hint...

Rating: 5

LALady Biemer's BBQ

To quote the marquee, "Meat this good don't need no sauce!" This place is awesome! Not only is the pulled pork outta control delicious, but the chicken wings are straight up addictive! The staff is ultra friendly, and super helpful. And while the portions are big business, the staff is so friendly, that it feels as though you're walking into your own home. They truly understand what customer service means! Next time you're in the mood for amazing food without a'lotta frills, for sure give this great Lawrence destination a try!!! I highly suggest the wings with vinegar sauce and a side of fried pickles!!!

Rating: 5

timbercreeks Family Medicine Associate, PA

Awesome doctors. We see Dr Cordova but honestly I like all of the doctors and no hesitate seeing anyone else if she is not available. We love it here! Love the walk in clinic for those spur of the moment needs. Thank you Dr Cordova and others for being so wonderful!

Rating: 5

timbercreeks Pawsh Wash

AWESOME place to take your pet to be pampered. I love the self wash stalls. I go in and come out with a clean pet and they clean up all the mess. One price and you get all the fixings! Shampoo, COndition, warm water, grooming tools, dryer, towels, etc. Thanks to the friendly staff for always being so helpful & professional. LOVE this place!

Rating: 5

timbercreeks Alvin's Wines & Spirits

Some of the best prices in Lawrence! Nice, clean store and always well stocked.

Rating: 5

timbercreeks Pet World

Awesome store and awesome animals! I get all my fish & water from Pet World and they actually LIVE! The staff is so helpful and always willing to answer my questions. If you go in at a busy time it can take awhile for them to get to you but when they do, you do not feel rushed. They always spend the time they need with each customer. BRAVO for having such a great place for us to go IN Lawrence!

Rating: 4

adamt Wireless Restore Inc.

I drove up from Topeka to check out their used inventory today. I'm with ATT not renewing a contract shopping for smartphone. Dude hooked me up with a repaired HTC inspire for a sweet price. The phone is in very good shape, bestbuy has it priced at $599 outright without contract. I got it for under 200 and I'm very happy about that.

Rating: 5

MaryA Ashley Alterations

Fast, friendly, dependable service. Convenient location. Ms. Ashley has many years of experience, and is a talented alterations professional.

Susan Ashley replies...

Thank you Mary. Glad you were happy with the service. Come again.

Rating: 5

Susan Ashley Ashley Alterations

Geat location service....Ms Ashley has a great deal of experence in the Alterations field. And pant hems start at $11.00 everyday.

Rating: 5

Sunnydays 21st Century Chimney Sweep

Allen Clough, the owner of 21st Century Sweep, has been wonderful to work with. He is very knowledgeable about the chimney business and was able to explain (in simple terms) what was needed for my chimney to be repaired. He referred me to excellent resources and spent extra time answering my questions. He went above and beyond to make my fireplace look nice and included many things at no extra charge. He is a kind man who knows his stuff! I would highly recommend his services to anyone.