Rating: 2

December 10, 2013

I'm glad to see the mixed reviews, this place was voted best burger in Lawrence 2013. I went there to try it out, I'm a local don't go down town much. I remember it used to be a few stores in that building. It was very neat, I miss old down town Lawrence. Anyway I was not impressed. Everyone told me the burgers were great I had one everyone recommended, it tasted just like every other burger I've had at a sports bar. You could easily go to Wayne and Larry's and have a burger like that or Saint's. So I pondered the greatness a while, the atmosphere is terrible. Too many people in too tight a place, white noise from no sound absorbing material. The place is actually in shambles and definitely violates electric codes all over the place. I would not want to be packed in with a ton of people in a noisy environment with building code violations and "normal sports bar" burgers, but that is just me. The thing people like about this place is it's fries and the sauces. Tons of different fries and sauces. But who goes to a place for fries? 2 stars for the atmosphere of a dirty pub and the fries.